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This article discusses about the prices for stay, accommodation, food and souvenirs at the Bulgarian resort of Pomorie. Note that Pomorie is not only an ordinary resort, but also a health resort of Bulgaria.

Holiday in Pomorie – why this resort is better than others

Pomorie is one of our favorite Bulgarian resorts. If we had decided to visit Bulgaria again, we would definitely choose Pomorie.

The town is very quiet and peaceful, oriented not only at tourists, but also at local residents. The prices here are much lower than in Sunny Beach or Nessebar.

The city has a lot of parks. There are lots of festivals here which mostly consist of ensembles and singing groups.

Beaches in Pomorie are also very good, we especially liked a wild beach on the foreland with an amazingly clear water and almost no extraneous people.

As in Nessebar, the old part of the city lies on a small peninsula. The new part of Pomorie is located on the mainland, where you can find luxurious 5-star hotels, which, as expected, are insanely expensive!

There are spots that are worth seeing in Pomorie. These include the monastery and the Old City.You can also visit the Museum of Salt and the Historical Museum in the old part of the city, as well as a famous brandy company.

Shopping in Pomorie

Shopping in of Pomorie is definitely a good idea. There are a lot of choices like Burgas, but everything is much cheaper. Here is an example: a set of cosmetics Bulgarian Rose on the main street of Pomorie costs about 7.5 levs, while in Nessebar and Burgas costs from 10 to 15 levs, depending on the place of purchase.

Everything else such as clothing, food, fruits, souvenirs as well as eating out at restaurants — are cheaper in Pomorie than in any other resort towns in Bulgaria. If you are about to buy a lot of souvenirs to take back home, we highly recommend Pomorie.

Prices for souvenirs in Pomorie

Souvenirs in Pomorie are considerably cheaper than souvenirs in other resort towns of Bulgaria. In most cases the price difference is about 30%, and that is very good.

As for buying made-in-Bulgaria products, we would like to recommend:

  • A variety of cosmetics made of Bulgarian rose (prices start at 3 levs).
  • Bulgarian spices and herbs, which cost much less than ours – 35g glass container of spices cost 0.84 lev.
  • Lace tablecloths which Bulgarian pensioners knit and sell on sidewalks.
  • Good quality silver jewelry (average price per gram is 10 levs).

Of course, the list of interesting souvenirs is not over, but buying these things makes sense when you go to Bulgaria.

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Prices for clothing in Pomorie

In Pomorie there are quite a lot of clothing stores. They trade mainly imported Turkish things, a lot of imitations of brands at low prices.

It is good to know that 3 out of 4 (75%) of the clothing stores in Pomorie are geared for women.

We have stayed in Bulgaria during the end of August and the beginning of September. During the summer, most of the best items were sold out and we had to be satisfied with leftovers. Here are the approximate prices for clothes:

  • Shirts with long and short sleeves cost 26 levs;
  • Quite good jeans cost 30-35 levs;
  • Light sweater costs about 30 levs;
  • A tie costs at least 10 levs.

Everybody recommends to go to Burgas for shopping, as it is reputed to be the “shopping mecca” in Bulgaria. While the choices there are wider and more varied, the prices are otherwise high. There are also a lot of counterfeits. So for us, don’t go to Burgas — we don’t recommend it.

In the Internet is often recommended to go for shopping to Burgas. The choice there is really much bigger, but the prices are high, and quite a lot of fakes. So we would not recommend to our friends shopping in Burgas.

Prices for meals in restaurants and cafes – is the food in Pomorie expensive?

Food in restaurants and supermarkets of Pomorie are not expensive.

If we talk about the average dinner in such restaurant, you get it about 2 times cheaper than in Sunny Beach or Nessebar, and the portions are bigger.

Approximate prices for meals in restaurants of Pomorie (based on prices from a couple of ordinary restaurants near the sea):

Shopskiy salad – 4 levs per 300 g
Pastushiy salad – 5.50 levs per 500 g
Country style salad – 5 levs per 350 g
Greek salad – 5 levs per 450 g

Main dishes:
Chicken pieces with sesame seeds – 6.50 levs  per 200 g
Chicken pieces with corn flakes – 6.50 levs per 200 g
Scrambled eggs – 2.80 levs per 250 g
Fried cheese – 5.50 levs per 200 g
Pork kebab – 6 levs per 250 g
Chicken kebab – 5.90 levs per 250 g
Chicken legs chop – 6.50 levs per 200 g
Chicken fillet – 7 levs per 200 g
Chicken ragout – 12 levs per 1 kg
Pork ragout – 13 levs per 1 kg

Chorizo – 8 levs per 500 g
Proshutto crudo – 10 levs per 500 g

Brown trout – 1.90 levs per 50 g
Salmon -15 levs per 250 g
Garfish – 12 levs  per 300 g
Flounder – 30 levs per 300 g
Dorada – 2 levs per 50 g
Red mullet – 7 levs per 300 g
Squids in the oil – 6.70 levs per 200 g
A squid, baked on the stove – 15 levs  per 400 g

Vegetarian dishes:
Mish Mash (peppers with eggs and cheese) – 3.50 levs за 350 g
Stuffed pepper – 3 levs  за 350 g
Baked beans – 3 levs за 350 g
Pepper with tomato sauce – 3 levs за 350 g

Pork dishes:
Wine kebab – 4.40 levs per 400 g
Chirpan meatballs -4.40 levs per 400 g
Moussaka – 4.40 levs per 400 g
Stuffed pepper with minced meat – 4.40 levs per 400 g
Pork shank with mushroom sauce – 4.40 levs per 400 g

Chicken Dishes:
Chicken with rice – 3.80 levs за 400 г
Chicken with potatoes – 3.80 levs за 400 г
Chicken with stewed cabbage – 3.80 levs  за 400 г
Chicken kavarma – 3.80 levs  за 400 г
Grilled chicken – 10 levs  per whole or 5.5 levs  per half.

Fast food and street food
Pizza – 1.5 to 2 levs depending on the toppings
Burger – 2 to 3 levs
Boiled corn – 1 to 1.5 levs
Ice cream – 1 to 1.5 levs

The situation is similar to the shops. Prices for food in supermarkets of Pomorie are about the same as in the store Mladost in Nessebar or even slightly lower.

And in Pomorie there is a very good fruit market with a huge selection of local and foreign fruits. There is a market in the old town, next to the bus station. You can wash that you have purchased right at a small fountain nearby.

It should be noted that the difference in prices for fruits is very big, due to the fact that tourists are free to choose favorite fruits. No one will take the bad fruit, and therefore prices are lower – fruits do not have time to be spoiled.

Indicative prices for fruits in Pomorie:

  • Peaches – ranging from 0.8 to 5 levs per kilo (the cheapest is quite normal, and expensive – are simply wonderful)
  • Blue and green grapes – from 1 to 5 levs per kilo (we took for about the 1-2 levs usually)
  • Nectarines – from 1.8 levs per kg;
  • Apples – from 0.7 levs  per kg;
  • Pears – about 2.5 levs per kg;
  • Plum – 1-1.2 levs per kg;
  • Figs – from 2 to 4.5 levs/kg, depending on quality;

Berries in Bulgaria are quite expensive – it is a perishable product, they are difficult to harvest and transport. Berries are sold in cups often than by weight. Approximate prices for berries in late summer in Pomorie:

  • Strawberries – from 2.5 levs per a small cup;
  • Cherries – 2-4 levs/kg in a season;
  • Watermelons – from 0.5 levs/kg and higher;
  • Melons – from 0.5 levs/kg, as well as watermelons. Melons are delicious in Bulgaria;
  • Raspberries – from 2.5 levs per a small cup;
  • Blackberries – from 2.5 levs per a small cup;
  • Blueberries – from 2.5 levs per a small cup;
  • Almonds -12 levs/kg. For sale in the shell, very fresh and tasty.

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Prices for transport and taxis in Pomorie

In contrast to Nessebar or Sunny Beach, in Pomorie you can even afford to ride in a taxi. Here it costs about half the price – about 2 levs per kilometer. The exact price is always hanging on one of the car windows, but you can try and bargain with the driver until you agree upon the specified lower amount.

If a taxi is expensive for you (and for us), we recommend you to use public transport – it goes here regularly and is not expensive.

Prices for accommodation in Pomorie: hotel rentals at the sea

Accommodation in Pomorie costs much cheaper than in other coastal resorts. You can rent a hotel room here from 1100 rubles per day.

To estimate the approximate housing prices in Pomorie you can use the convenient searching form, where you can see the hotels on the map.

For some tourists it is more convenient to rent a private apartment instead of a hotel room. You can look for the best options for housing:

When you purchase a property in Pomorie, the average price range from 25,000 to 50,000 euros. At the same time, there are still options for housing by the sea, even new buildings or in the old part of the city.

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