Play a Game and Escape the Reality With Your Friends

Don’t you know how to spend time with your friends? There are different activities you can try to spend time with pleasure. If watching movies or playing online games isn’t the point for you, it’s time to try Escape Hour for the best and unforgettable experience in your life. What’s Escape Hour?

This is a place where you can spend the whole day, learn from each other better, and solve curious issues. You don’t need to play old games. A room with multiple tasks can be a nice twist in your routine. This is an escape room with a list of options for players. What do you get when choosing the activity? There are a couple of things people love Escape Hour for.

A Playful Experience to Try With Your Friends

The escape room is all about having fun. If you’re interested in playful and sophisticated tasks, you can try to solve them with a bunch of friends. Let’s see what you get when choosing the escape room.

  • The first and main activity people are looking for in a room with different mysteries. Here you can try various activities and topical games. Players can choose whatever story they want to take part in. There are different adventurous tasks with sophisticated missions. You can choose from 6 different themes to play.
  • Do you want to try the VR game? The escape room offers various shooters where players can feel the real game and defend each other. Moreover, you can take your friends with you and experience a real thrill while protecting your team.

What’s great about the escape room is that you can choose the complexity. There are different levels. The easiest is for beginners, but you can also check out the players’ most complicated levels. It must be an interesting game with your friends.

Safety and Guarantees for the Players

Will I be safe during the game? Some players are scared to participate in the escape room activities, not feeling protected. However, Escape Hour takes care of its players. No other person can join your team while you’re playing. There are also cameras everywhere in the room to monitor the players all the time. If any players feel wrong about the game or get lost in the task, there’s always a manager to help or save the player.