Our reviews about the holiday in Nessebar, Bulgaria


Nessebar is one of the coastal towns that you would (and should) want to miss when you’re in Bulgaria. It is full of interesting and invaluable relics of its illustrious past.

This 9,000-year old coastal town is even more worth visiting when it has the UNESCO World Heritage site and the Blue Flag distinctions on its cap.

If you don’t know yet what Blue Flag is, it is a European award given to beaches known for its cleanliness,safety and compliance to environmental measures. South Beach, a 2.5-kilometer beach in Nessebar, was awarded with the Blue Flag.

During our 14 days in Bulgaria we decided to stay in Nessebar and traveled there and nearby towns a lot by public transport. We stayed at an ordinary hotel which offered free breakfasts. we lived quite frugally as possible while enjoying the best what our Bulgarian holiday had to offer.

Reviews about holiday in Nessebar

Review about hotel Vanini – the cheapest at the time of travel

Hotel Vanini proved to be much better than we imagined, after reading reviews. we would love to come here again.

We lived in a double room – by some whim of a tour operator it cost exactly the same as a single room. It was clean, there was a fridge (tiny and not very good; an ice cream melted inside it), a hot water shower, a double bed and a small balcony. Furniture was not new but well-maintained. There were an airconditioner and a couple of TV sets, but we did not try to turn it on. Besides, most of the programs were Bulgarian.

The breakfast was exactly just like that. Minimal, not a buffet, but hearty and tasty. The hostess of the hotel and the staff were friendly and nice people.

Conclusions about the hotel: compared to the other European hotels we previously stayed in (in Montenegro, the villa was even worse), Hotel Vanini was in fact, quite decent.

A review about Nessebar – one of the most interesting cities in Bulgaria

Nessebar is basically a small city, but here you can find everything you need, in addition, there are enough of places for walking and sightseeing. The resort is divided into two parts: the old and the new city. Most of the attractions are located in the Old Nessebar Несебре. The new part, meanwhile, consists of more inexpensive stores, beaches, bus stops and hotels. The old part of the city is a great place for evening walks and photos.

Nessebar is a rather expensive city. It is a five- to ten-minute walk to Sunny Beach, which is most expensive Bulgarian resort.

There is a separate article about the sights of Nessebar, which you may be interested to read.

Nessebar is a small city — expensive but very beautiful. From here you can easily get by bus to any other seaside cities. But if were to come back to Bulgaria, we will likely choose to stay in Pomorie instead which, we just found out, is a lot cheaper, more interesting and has a lot more variety to offer to tourists.

A review about the beaches of Nessebar

In Nessebar are many beaches and they are really for everyone. There are wild beaches on rocks, and there are more equipped beaches with rescuers and flag system. As said before Sunny Beach, a five- to ten-minute walk from Nessebar – 15 kilometers of pretty good sandy beaches.

Sun beds and sunshades are paid, but at the most of the beaches there are zones for relaxing on towels. In Bulgaria are almost no paid beaches. Sun beds and sunshades cost in average of 8 levs per day.

The bottom is also different. You can find places where the water is waist deep (ideal for children), and places with a quick set up of depth.

There are water entertainments, scooters etc., but they are quite expensive. I would like to provide a link to an article about the sea in Bulgaria and the analysis of the purity of the seawater, which I made.

The conclusion about the beaches of Nessebar: beaches in Nessebar are free, there are lots of them and most of them are sandy. You can rent sun shades and sun beds, or better yet you can buy a sun shade from a store or a market (cost as 1.5 for rent).

A review about excursions from Nessebar

In our 14 days of our holiday, we traveled along most Bulgarian coastal cities and towns, and if we found a favorite place (which we did), we came back to that place 3 to 4 times. In particular, we liked the wild beach on the spit, Lake Pomorie and low prices there. Also, I recommend to go to Balchik to see the botanical garden, to visit Burgas and Varna. Well, if you are young, able-bodied and easy-going, try to repeat our hiking route from Nessebar to Pomorie (about 20 kilometers).

Unfortunately, we were not able to go deep into the country, where there were a lot of more interesting places due to financial reasons. But I wish you to visit Veliko Tarnovo, Plovdiv, Sofia, Rose Valley, Rila Monastery, and much, much more.

The conclusions about excursions from Nessebar: definitely there are places to see. I advise you not to pay for excursions, but travel by public transport, it is very comfortable and inexpensive.

Why do I recommend Bulgaria to my friends?

Bulgaria turned out to be amazingly beautiful, contemporary and unusual country with reasonable prices. It impressed me so much, that I was inspired to write about it on the Internet, where there is not many relevant and accurate information about Bulgaria. When I bought a ticket, I expected much less. And if you are afraid to see here “the ghost of the USSR”, you can safely buy a tour – the country has changed a lot in recent years and has become a truly European.

All the beaches in Nessebar are clean and comfortable, though it depends on your preference. Personally, we love going to the beach bringing our own towels, so we went mostly to the beach behind rocks or the South Beach.

We liked the beach because, first of all, of a small obstacle course in the form of boulders. As a consequence, a small number of those wishing such a rest. At the second beach there were rescuers, all kinds of services, and sand dunes, on which was nice to sunbathe.

A review about excursions from Nessebar

We decided not to go with the guided excursions. First, they are expensive. Second, we wanted to enjoy an extraordinary nature on our own pace and not restricted by time frames. So we were able to visit many coastal cities while traveling by bus: Burgas, Pomorie, Ravda, Balchik, etc.

On our return to Bulgaria, we will have more confidence to visit other places in the country, including the capital Sofia and other great cities such as Veliko, Tarnovo and Plovdiv.

Vivid memories remain of our walking route from Nessebar to Pomorie. We advise anyone, who feels the desire and strength to follow our small “feat” in order to fully enjoy the beauty of Bulgaria.


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