Online Poker – A Great Way to Spend Time


Poker and all the various different forms it takes are played by millions of people all over the world daily, whether you play with friends, in casinos, or online, playing poker can be great fun and sometimes financially rewarding. During these tough times, we are facing with the  Covid-19 pandemic and the daily restrictions many of us have been enduring, online poker has boomed with so many people unable to go to casinos or visit friends it is a great time to practice whether it is playing for free or in real money games it is a great way to pass the time.

Whilst traditional-style casinos have been shut for some time the online world of gambling and especially poker is enjoying unprecedented times. The very nature of virtual tables means they can operate 24 hours a day and can accommodate as many players as they like, meaning you can always join a game or begin a tournament at your leisure with sites like Blitz Poker leading the way for online poker.

Playing Poker Also Helps Your With Your Math Skills

Playing poker is not just a fun way to pass your time, it can help you improve your mathematical prowess. What better way to improve on a subject that many people really did not like a school or college than playing poker and potentially making some money at the same time. To play poker you do need some basic math but if you want to elevate your game you will need an understanding of probability math.

By playing poker you automatically start to improve math skills that you may have forgotten since your school or college days but it will come back to you. For example during a game of No-Limit Hold’em poker being able to understand the expected value, implied odds, and pot odds will help your chances of winning.

Poker Helps You to Improve Your Social Skills

Playing is a good way to spend time improving your social skills whether it is in person or online. Poker is inherently a social game with constant interaction with other players or if you are in a casino with the dealer or the spectators watching the game. Some people find casinos intimidating and prefer online gambling which takes off some of the pressure they feel when playing, but online poker still has an element of socializing through chat rooms and interactive play.

Online poker and gambling give you some control over the information that other people know about you. For people who are shy or not confident, online poker rooms allow you to create a name that you will use at the virtual tables and can help you overcome the nerves and help to boost your game while remaining anonymous. Friendships have certainly been born from online poker which otherwise may not have occurred.

Poker Can Be a Lucrative Way to Spend Your Time

With all the time we have available, why not try to emulate some of the greatest players of all time and make some serious money if you feel your game is good enough. For most people poker is a game played for fun but for many, it is a career. Here are some of the biggest wins and most famous names in the poker industry:

  • Justin Bonomo: Starting his professional career at the age of 10 Justin has made over $45 million by playing tournaments across the globe.
  • Daniel Negreanu: Daniel has won the World Series Poker on three different continents and accumulated over $40 million in his career, his biggest win being $8.28 million in a single competition in 2014. He has been named player of the decade from 2004 to 2013 by the Global Poker Index.
  • Dan Colman: Dan became the first online poker player to win one million dollars in tournaments in 2014, currently only 30 years of age he has an estimated wealth of $30 million and is still an active player on the poker circuit.
  • Bryn Kenney: With one of the largest wins of any tournament ever Bryn won over $20 million even though he came third in the competition at the Triton Million 2019 tournament. Not bad for coming third.

These are just some of the examples that have made it in the world of poker, what better way to spend your time than become a millionaire?


Poker can be great fun and a perfect way to pass the time, the social aspect during Covid-19 is a plus for anybody. Whether online or with family or friends a game of poker can help to keep your mind sharp and enjoy the company of others. Who knows one day with practice or if you are just a natural who may be the next poker millionaire. It is worth remembering to gamble within your financial limits and not get carried away.