Oktoberfest 101: Highlights, Facts, Essentials, and Tours


Oktoberfest is the most popular beer festival in the world. It is also the largest beer festival in the world as it draws more than 6 million people annually to Munich, Germany. That’s a lot of people and a whole lot of beer! Know every essential thing you need to know about it with this Oktoberfest 101 post. After reading this, you’d be aware of all the highlights, essentials, tours, and facts that every Oktoberfest enthusiast needs to know!

Oktoberfest Highlights

There are three main highlights in Oktoberfest: beer, food, and tents.

Beer, more beer, and then more beer

Oktoberfest is a paradise for all beer lovers. It is the center of Oktoberfest and the very reason why people from all over the world go out of their way to visit Munich. There, everyone can have easy access to large one-liter beers served in traditional “Maß” mugs in an instant. All beers pass strict regulations and standards. All adhere to the Bavarian Purity Laws so all are brewed only with Munich. So what do Oktoberfest goers get? Real good beer 24/7. Wines and ciders are also available.

Bavarian Food

Oktoberfest won’t be complete without delicious Bavarian delights. Here, people can have access to sumptuous roasted chicken, sausages, pretzels, potatoes, pork knuckles, cheese egg noodles, sauerkraut, and traditional cheese spread.

Bavarian Food


There are 14 massive tents in Oktoberfest that can seat 1,000 – 8,500 individuals. All are owned by big breweries, restaurants, and establishments. Beer gardens also put up smaller tents. Each tent is unique and has different things to offer. Oktoberfest goers enjoy going from one tent to another to experience different beers, foods, and live performances all day.

Oktoberfest Facts

When does Oktoberfest take place?

Oktoberfest is held every September. You would think that it’s held every October but such is not the case. It starts every September as it allows for more weeks of warm weather. The first Oktoberfest was held in 1810 to honor and celebrate the wedding of Prince Ludwig of Bavaria to Princess Therese.

Where does Oktoberfest take place?

Oktoberfest is celebrated all over the world but the official festivity takes place in Munich, Germany. It’s held at Theresienwiese’s fairground.

What attire should I prepare for Oktoberfest?

You should wear clothes that will allow you to comfortably go from one tent to another or party all day and all night. You can also use the opportunity to wear traditional Bavarian clothing.

Why is there an Oktoberfest celebration?

Oktoberfest is celebrated to honor the marriage of Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese in 1810. When the two got married, festivities lasted for five days. Since then, an annual celebration has been observed.

Where do I stay during Oktoberfest?

As over six million tourists flock to Germany during Oktoberfest, you should make it a point to book your accommodations in advance. It’s best to look and book for a hotel or place to stay in as early as May. Make it a point to book accommodations near the festival so you won’t need to get taxis. Hotels around the center of Hauptbahnhof are best as they are within walking distance from the festival.

Can I attend Oktoberfest for free?

Yes, it’s free to enter Oktoberfest. The only time you’d be spending is when you visit the beer tents. You will have a total of 34 tents – 14 big tents and 20 small tents – to choose from and all offer different beers, delicious foods, and entertainments.

Oktoberfest Essentials

The following are things you absolutely need to know before going to Oktoberfest:

  1. Oktoberfest will be more fun if you’d buy a traditional dirndl or lederhosen!
  2. Always designate a meetup spot if you’d be traveling with a group as it’s easy to get separated.
  3. You should bring cash as most tents don’t accept credit cards.
  4. You should always tip your server.
  5. You should take it easy in the day so you’d have more energy for primetime festivities at night.
  6. You could learn popular Oktoberfest songs if you’d want to be able to sing along during festivities.
  7. Never bring your valuables when going from one tent to another.
  8. You should wear closed-toed shoes.
  9. Don’t even think of stealing a maß as security guards will have you caught. You could just purchase one if you really like it!
  10. Have a jacket with you for your trek back home at night.
  11. Know a few German words that can come in handy like maß (mug of beer), danke (thank you), bitte (please and you’re welcome), and prost (cheers).

Oktoberfest Tours

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  5. Professionally guided and prepared tours
  6. Proactive sightseeing

Plan For Oktoberfest Now

It’s never too early to plan for Oktoberfest! With all the necessary information that we’ve shared, we’re sure that you’d definitely have a blast at Oktoberfest. So what are you waiting for? Book a tour now to ensure that you’d experience Oktoberfest this year! You know you deserve it. Have fun!