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Not all tourists like to relax in the fully packed coastal resorts in numerous countries. Sometimes people prefer to spend their time in quiet, less noisy places where life goes on as usual without the hassle and all kinds of stress.

If you are exactly looking for this kind of rest, we can easily refer a resort town named Obzor, which is a small town nestled at the Black Sea. Here you will not find a huge number of tourists, no annoying vendors touting their wares and literally grabbing the hand of potential buyers.

In Obzor you can see some historical sights: well preserved ruins of the Temple of Jupiter, the old castle Kozjak, the remaining ruins of the Roman columns and capitals of the ancient temple in one of the city parks.

And if it would not be enough, you can go to nearby (we recommend that you by yourself go by bus or rented car) to Varna, Burgas or Nessebar. By the way: in Obzor there is a bus station. In addition to the independent travels, you can also sign up for organized tours around Bulgarian cities.

At the resort everyone can find for himself or herself what to do: shopping, nightlife, horseback riding, various sports and water-related activities, including extreme ones (water skis, surf), water parks and amusement parks. This place is especially preferred by families with children, because the resort has a gentle slope into the sea.

Since Obzor is located at the base of the Balkan Mountains in the eastern part of them, from one side of the city there is a fantastic view of the sea, and from the other – of the mountain. The combination of sea, mountain and forest air in the resort is just perfect, so not only tourists can relax, but they can also restore their health. Due to hydrogen sulfide sources located close to the city, many of the diseases (especially of the respiratory tract), have been cured.

Staying at the resort will surely become memorable, not just because of the wonderful sights, but also because people in Obzor are very friendly and communicative.

A variety of hotels, villas, or even ordinary private houses, gladly give room for those who wish to relax, for a fairly reasonable price. Tourists, who have at least once been in Obzor, always tend to return exactly hither.

A bit about the history of Obzor

By Bulgarian standards, Obzor is referred to rather old cities. About three thousand years ago, Obzor was founded as a Thracian settlement called Navahlos. Over time (in the first millennium BC), the land was occupied by immigrants from Greece. They founded Heliopolis, which in translation sounds like “City of the Sun”. Shortly thereafter, the Romans managed to get hold of this picturesque area. Here they built the Temple of Jupiter and named their settlement Teopolis. They liked the city so much that even after the split in 395 AD of the Roman Empire into East and West, Teopolis became the seat of the Byzantine rulers.

Future Obzor also became under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. It was then that it received the name of Gezeken (in Turkish means Obzor). Only in 1936, the town acquired its current name.

Obzor’s weather and climate

Having a holiday in Obzor is a pleasure. The holiday season begins in May and lasts till October. The sea water temperature is very comfortable and pleasant, usually a few degrees higher, than in the popular Golden Sands and Albena, and may rise up to +27°C.

It is not surprising families with children are among Obzor’s biggest number of vacationers. Kids will find a small paradise in Obzor: warm sea, gentle slope into the water, not-too-harsh sunshine and a lot of entertainments designed especially for them.

Tourists from the cities would love to have their beach holidays in Obzor. They love the fresh air and the fresh sea breeze.

Beach line in Obzor

In reality, the coastal strip of sand at coast of Obzor occupies a rather impressive area – about 8 km. Symbolically and politically, it is divided into three beaches: Central, North and South. Each of them is well equipped and has everything you need for a good beach holiday. The central beach is more popular, so if you do not want to close proximity with the other guests, choose less congested beaches – North or South.

As in any of Bulgarian resorts, in Obzor if you want, you can find wild beaches. A beautiful and almost deserted embankment is located just outside the city, if you go in the direction of Byala. We are sure you will appreciate spectacular views of cliffs and forests, that are opened from here.

Where can you settle at the resort? Hotels, villas, private houses in Obzor

Obzor offers a huge variety of housing for the tourists. For those who like to relax with a wide range of services there is a large number of quality hotels. Depending on the price, you can choose a decent option with excellent service.

Also, tourists can choose a room at a villa or settle in a private house. Each housing option has its pros and cons, so only you can decide what’s the best place to stay for your holiday in Obzor. For someone like us, a basic and minimal set of facilities is enough, while others want to surround themselves with a homier feel and don’t want to deny themselves from anything.

We have prepared a few hotel options for those tourists who have already decided where they will have rest this year. If your choice fell upon Obzor, we suggest you do not shelve searching of accommodation and begin to look closely for it right now:

Reviews of holiday in the town

Despite the fact that we did not have a rest in Obzor, and we were there just passing it by, we were able to see and to hear many good things about this wonderful resort. A quiet, peaceful town captivates tourists. There is something special, something truly amazing and attractive in this place.

Most of Obzor is surrounded by gorgeous plants and simply immersed in greenery. At any time of the day and especially at night, you are unlikely to nervous or hurrying locals. It seems like the time stopped here, it flows somehow different, much slower. People here are open, cheerful and fun, as well as other Bulgarians, and they are also always ready to help.

Even at the bus station in Obzor it is quiet and deserted, although from here you can get to many cities on the Bulgarian coast and even to Sofia.

Many people specially choose for themselves this cozy town to enjoy the unbeatable mixture of clean mountain, sea and forest air. Where else would you be able to so easily and naturally breathe abroad?

If you decided to rest at another resort, but definitely want to look into a paradise and see with your own eyes the charm of Obzor, it is recommended to go to the city by bus or if you have already rented a car, then use it. Obzor is situated between Nessebar and Varna.

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