Notting Hill Street Art


Notting Hill street art is still alive and well, although it doesn’t seem to be as much as there was last time I was here. Maybe it’s more hidden. I’ll add to this when I find more.

Made You Look

If you head from Notting Hill Gate underground station to Portobello Road, you’ll see this piece of art around 50 meters into the street on your left hand side.

The letters are made to look like Scrabble letters. In case you don’t know, Scrabble is a popular word game.

Ledbury Road Street Art

This is at the junction with Westbourne Grove, next to Winkworth estate agent.

Goldborne Road Space Invader & Grenfell

I came across this small Grenfell street art on Goldborne Road. Can you see the space invader?

The image is a bit dark because the area was quite shaded.

Banksy’s Papa the Ratzi

I’ve walked passed this many times, as it’s been here for a very long time.

Ukai, Portobello Road

Not really street art, but adds some color to the street.



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