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This article you may see more photos than texts, but we’re sure you’re going to find useful information as well as enjoy looking at photos of the gorgeous Nessebar.

Interesting photos of the town of Nessebar from travelers, who have visited it

Nessebar – a small piece of Europe, surrounded by low, but really beautiful Bulgarian mountains, wonderful greenery of parks and soothing waves of the charming Black Sea.

The ruins of mostly ancient Easter Orthodox churches and other historical structures attract crowds of curious and awestruck tourists visiting the city. Just like in many tourist destinations, you can also find restaurants, several souvenir shops and vibrant nightlife. But away from the urban hubbub, you can also find clean and well-equipped beaches, clear waters, beautiful parks with lots of greenery.

The new part of Nessebar in photos

There is the main part of the Nessebar where the majority of the tourists would like to settle. Inexpensive accommodations and lodging are much easier to find than in the peninsula (the old part of the city). The new part of Nessebar also has a number of shops and a variety of restaurants that range from family restaurants to fine dining spots. The bus transport is accessible and well-established, although there is no actual bus station in Nessebar. The nightclubs and discos are located along the coast.

During our stay in Bulgaria, we were able to visit several cities. Therefore, we can say with confidence, that Nessebar is one of the best resort cities of the country.

The sights of the old part of Nessebar on photos

Of course, a more deserving attention should go to the the older part of Nessebar. It is located on a partially sunken peninsula. In the old part of the city you can a see a perfectly preserved fortress wall, the ruins of ancient temples, narrow streets paved with stone paving stones and beautiful wooden houses. Tourists especially like to be photographed here, because everything looks interesting and ancient.

To go to the old part of Nessebar you have pass through a small isthmus, where it is pleasant to walk on foot, watching the sea and the seagulls swaying along the waves. On one side of the isthmus there is an ancient windmill, which no longer operates but it is witness to its glorious olden days. On the other side of the isthmus lies the monument of Saint Nicholas, who is the patron saint of fishermen.

A selection of photos of beaches in Nessebar

The beaches of Nessebar are very similar at first glance, but if you explore them a little longer you will notice the difference to the other beaches in Bulgaria. The city has three major beaches: the South Beach, a beach behind rocks and the North Beach. There are also several small beaches around the old part of the city. The surface layer of beaches is mainly sandy (in the old town of Nessebar may be small shells), the sea is clean and crystal-clear. It is remote from the biggest hotels.

All of three major beaches have amenities and even posts of rescuers. The cost of sunshades and sun loungers on the coast ranges from 5 levs  in the old part of the city to 8 levs  on the South and the North beaches.

Personally, we had a rest mostly on the beach behind rocks and the Dunes (the South Beach). These were the closest beaches to us and the most pleasant in terms of the availability of free places. From the coast in this part of the city it opens a beautiful view of the peninsula of Nessebar.

We offer you to ensure the authenticity of our words by viewing photos taken at the beaches:

Hotels of Nessebar on photos

In Nessebar, particularly in the new part of town, you can always find an empty room, a hotel room or even a whole apartment. But as we found out later, finding accommodation on the spot is a lot more expensive than accommodation reserved in advance through a tour operator or a travel agent.

A standard hotel room has all the basics: a bed (single or double), a small fridge, a television set, air conditioning, a closet, a nightstand or a bedside table, a bathroom/toilet and a balcony with a dryer for clothes. Upon request you may be given an iron and an ironing board. If your choice of hotels is good, you will be served breakfast. If you choose to stay in an apartment, there is a kitchen where you can cook food by yourself.

Usually, pools and sun loungers are included in the more expensive hotels, but you cannot find them in Nessebar.

We stayed in the most basic and standard two-star hotel Vanini in the new part of the city. The hosts there were charming and accommodating — they would readily serve you with a smile. Vanini also had spacious two-room suites.

Restaurants, cafes, taverns, shops and markets of Nessebar on photos

Just like any other touristy city, Nessebar offers everything for every hungry soul. You can always find a lot of restaurants, cafes, bars and fast food establishments. There is also a supermarket in the new part of the city. The old part of Nessebar has no modern stores but there are markets that sell produce such as fruits and vegetables. A typical lunch in Nessebar would cost you up to 50 levs, so it is definitely cheaper to cook food by your own.

Food products in Bulgaria are affordable, of good quality and delicious. It seemed to us that in a supermarket “Mladost” prices are slightly lower than in other stores of Nessebar.

In the old part of the city there are mostly souvenir shops and a small market selling clothes. The value of goods is mostly aimed at tourists.

Plants, flowers and fruits in Nessebar

In the city there is plenty of shady parks. The trees there grow a lot of flowers and fruits. The most delicious ones are: figs, peaches and grapes. Palms, and sometimes oleanders, are often planted in large tubs, that stand along sidewalk or right near houses.

The lilac bushes we discovered were somewhat unusual. They bloom in the late summer. Even in restaurants and cafes there is greenery in their interiors.

In this collection of images we give you a bit of sun Nessebar and its vibrant nature:

More interesting photos of Bulgaria:


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