Name Brand Backpacks You’ll Want to Check Out


Whether you’re looking for a durable backpack for your outdoor adventures, a comfortable travel backpack for your Asian tour, or a stylish yet functional bag for work or school, remember that not all brands are the same. Some are top-notch, while others may not be comparatively superior, causing you to waste your hard-earned money.

With that, it’s vital that you purchase from reliable brands, proven for their dedication to quality, style, and functionality. You’ll certainly be satisfied having a backpack that can last you for many years, if not your entire lifetime. To help you out, here’s our list of the name brand backpacks you’ll want to check out – have fun finding your best backpack soulmate!

1. North Face

Founded in 1966 in San Francisco, California, The North Face is a household name in producing outstanding backpacks ideal for outdoor and everyday use. Whether you’re backpacking into Bulgaria or in Oregon,  you’ll enjoy several helpful features of their backpack such as the padded mesh back panel, lightweight design, and spacious storage compartments. Plus, their products are known to withstand the elements, befitting their name that pertains to the coldest, harshest side of a mountain.

Boasting a stellar range of products, The North Face also delivered everyday bags, perfect for school or college use or your other simple daily adventures. If you fall in love with backpacks, might as well try all their excellent equipment from footwear, outwear, tents, and sleeping gear, which top-notch quality makes the brand incredibly popular.

2. Deuter

Another brand with a rich history, the German brand Deuter started making mailbags for the Bavarian Mail in 1898 and then created military backpacks in 1910. Today, it’s one of the world’s leading providers of the highest quality packs for traveling, mountaineering, hiking, and backpacking.

Some of their well-loved features include lots of streamlined storage space, ergonomic comfort, lightweight construction, excellent weight distribution, and a long lifespan. Coming with an excellent range of options, there’s no reason not for you to find the best Deuter backpack to suit your needs – be it a mini-excursion or a multi-day travel adventure.

3. Herschel

A newcomer in the backpack industry having only been founded in 2009, Herschel proves that not all brands need time to catapult into popularity. Banking on their top-notch quality, modern, functional, and stylish backpacks, Herschel became quickly well-loved by all backpack users.

 Creativity oozes in their versatile designs that can adapt whether you’re a student carrying piles of books, a working professional with lots of documents, or a hiker with gear for your next mountain quest. Get one and be surprised why they have a quick shot to fame across the globe.

4. Patagonia

A strong force in the backpack scene, Patagonia offers high-quality packs that compete handsomely with the other renowned brands. They make utilitarian, durable, sturdy, and spacious backpacks for school, traveling, or hiking.

Yet, what sets them apart is that they’re not only concerned about quality but also in helping attain a sustainable environment by producing eco-friendly products. Not to mention that they’re also part of the “1% For The Planet,” a group of companies that donates 1% of their sales to environmental causes.

5. Timbuk2

If you want to express your fashion sense through your backpack, Timbuk2 is your best bet. They offer a stunning bevy of stylish bags from laptop packs to commuter bags and active backpacks, ideals for students, workers, cyclists, and hikers. What’s even great is that their backpacks are extra comfortable, useful, and practical, you’ll have fun carrying it no matter how you’d like to explore the world.

6. Osprey

Founded in 1974, Osprey has never failed to deliver expertly-crafted, practical, great-fitting, and durable backpacks for different types of needs. From climbing to mountaineering, trail running, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, and backpacking, there’s an Osprey backpack perfect for you (and even for your kids, too!) 

Committed to providing high-performing products that will be with you for a lifetime, the company confidently offers All Mighty Guarantee, which means their already superior backpacks are protected for life. They’ll be happy to replace or repair your bag, never minding if it’s produced in 1979 or in the 2000s.

7. Dagne Dover

If you’re searching for an eye-catching, elegant, minimalist backpack without sacrificing efficient design, choosing Dagne Dover won’t disappoint. Established in 2013, this brand provides great-looking yet still functional bags meant for career-friendly settings. Adding with super-streamlined design and modern organization features, it’s a sophisticated backpack where you’ll have plenty of storage space to house all workplace essentials, making it a truly valuable tool for work.

8. Tumi

Tumi is a famous brand in the backpack industry and for a lot of good reasons. First, the brand boasts over 100 pack options all coming with innovative designs, searching through them feels like a treasure hunt for high-quality products. Next, their backpacks are stylish and sleek while also made of premium durable materials, excellently blending beautiful design and durability. Lastly, their backpacks are soft, comfortable plus ultra-functional, and are brimming with useful features to help you seamlessly pace with your everyday life. 

9. Fjällräven

One of the trendiest backpack brands today, Fjällräven combines the best of both worlds by offering both striking and functional packs. They make some of the world’s high-performing bags but it doesn’t stop there as they all look good. You can witness this in their sleek, stylish, and compact designs, well-padded straps, use of durable materials, and iconic boxy shape that doesn’t slump as normal bags would.

 Apart from that, Fjällräven has a steadfast commitment to sustainability, designing its bags in a way that can last you several years. Thus, preventing the need to purchase a new backpack and lessening the environmental impact. Hailing from Scandinavia, Fjällräven remains a trusted name across the world, you’ll never regret getting one of their products for your packing needs.

10. JanSport

JanSport, the largest backpack maker in the world, creates superior backpacks for both men and women, for school or travel, and for urban adventures or trek into unbeaten paths. They’re easily one of the top favorites, thanks to the useful features of their backpacks, such as lightweight design, water bottle and utility pockets, and large compartments. Plus, they offer fashionable school backpacks, daypacks, and hiking backpacks that come in different colors, patterns, and styles – no surprise that they hold a large share in the U.S. market and across the world.

Final Words

That’s not a comprehensive list as other name brand backpacks you can consider like Adidas, Columbia, Kipling, Oakley, Brooks England, Bellroy, and many others. Indeed, the options are endless. Just make sure to select one that fits your preferences and needs and you’ll have your best backpack buddy.


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