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My Best Advice for Travelling with Acid Reflux

When you are travelling things can sometimes be challenging, the same can be said if you have acid reflux which adds an extra layer of challenge.

Though luckily with a little thought beforehand the seeming challenge will be much easier to deal with. Below are 5 things to keep in mind whether you are doing a long-haul flight or going somewhere where you don’t know what to expect particularly when it comes to food choices.

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5 Best Tips for Travelling with Acid Reflux

#1 Cook For Yourself When Possible

When you are travelling – if and when possible try to cook for yourself. This is always why I recommend opting for a hotel with a kitchenette or even instead going for an Airbnb when you choose one with a fully functioning kitchen.

Having your own kitchen available allows you to be able to make your own meals at least 1-2 times per day. Of course, when you are travelling you will likely not be staying in the room too much but will instead be exploring the place you are staying.

Though even 1-2 meals a day where you are in control of what you are eating is a great way to balance out your food that may not be perfect when you are undoubtedly eating some food that isn’t part of your usual regimen at restaurants etc.

When I am home I do a usually do a low acid diet which is tailored for people with acid reflux and this allows me to somewhat keep in line with this even when I am travelling.

#2 Make a Restaurant Plan

When you are travelling you will undoubtedly be eating out at restaurants. The secret is to have thought through before what is good restaurant food that won’t aggravate your acid reflux.

For example, I know myself I am fine to eat a plain hamburger and fries and that doesn’t annoy my symptoms, so therefore I know what kind of restaurant to look for.

Another note about this is to not be afraid to make special requests. If you don’t want something added to the food tell the waiter and they will most likely be happy to meet your request.

For example, if you have a dish you like that you know won’t bother your acid reflux and you notice they have chilli added in the dish you can simply ask so the chilli isn’t included in yours. The point being here is to not be afraid to ask for something if it works better for you.

#3 Don’t Forget your Medications

This may seem obvious but always remember to bring medication and bring more than enough of it.

For example, if you expect you will need 10 tablets during your travels bring at least 15 so you have some extra in the case that you may need them. Also, another thing I like to mention is in regard to medicine liquid like Gaviscon people take.

Of course it’s not practical to carry a big glass bottle with you but instead what I personally do is get the small travel bottles (100ml) and fill it with the liquid that way it’s easier to carry and much more practical than carrying a big and heavy glass bottle.

#4 Avoid Trigger Foods

One of the more obvious things to do is too avoid the things that trigger your acid reflux when travelling. Some of the most common triggers are things like alcohol, soft drinks, spicy food, chocolate and coffee.

Usually it’s a good idea to simply avoid the obvious triggers so you don’t have any flare ups when on vacation.

#5 Relax

This one is much easier said than done but you may be surprised how much this helps. If you didn’t know things like stress and anxiety worsen acid reflux symptoms for a lot of people.

Therefore, if you are more relaxed and calm your acid reflux will likely be much less troublesome than if you are stressed. Point being here is to simply try not to overthink things, focus on the good things and simply enjoy your vacation. You can also try things like meditation daily which also has been proven to help negate the effects of stress.

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