Moving to Thailand – Ebook Review


by Jordan Lewis (Author)
Format: Kindle Edition


Thailand is surely one of the top countries to visit. People visit Thailand for vacations, honeymoons, business trips, and for many other purposes too. The country itself is known for some of the cultural aspects including big temples, monks, and a classic lifestyle offered to people. While most people visit Thailand for tourism purposes only, it definitely has the potential for pursuing career opportunities, studies, doing business, and all-in-one living facilities as well. This makes Thailand a great option for migration or permanent residence as well.

The growing economy of Thailand may be appealing to many people as a good option, and no doubt, it surely is. However, every person may be going under different circumstances, with different ambitions and goals. Therefore, knowing about the country in every aspect, including the good and the bad, is essentially important.

This Ebook on Thailand acts as a complete guide for those who are planning to move to Thailand. It has been divided into several sections and has both quantitative, and qualitative information to provide you useful insights that can influence the decision or allow you to prepare for moving in a different way. Reading this book will help a person face the minimum hassle in moving to Thailand as well as settling in the new country. To make it easier for the readers to understand, the author has provided different parameters at the beginning by which this book has been published for example the currency exchange rate with which the numerical figures are mentioned.

Why Move to Thailand?

The writer begins this book by providing the readers with a comprehensive list of reasons why one should move to Thailand. Although many people have a misconception that it is a culturally backward country, this isn’t true. Some of the reasons to move to Thailand, as mentioned by the author, include

  • The scenic beauty of the beaches
  • Delicious food
  • Best for Summer Lovers
  • Friendly people
  • Suitable for aspiring career or growing business
  • Appropriate and affordable accommodation facilities
  • Shopping Sprees
  • Nightlife
  • Culturally pleasing

Those who belong to countries where they have to spend a major proportion of their incomes on their expenses would be highly satisfied to relocate to Thailand. This is because people can earn a good amount in Thailand but the related expenses are quite low as compared to various other countries as well.

“A 1-bed condo in New York would cost around $3,000-$4,000 a month. You’d pay a similar amount in London. But in Bangkok, you’d only pay about $800.”

(Ebook Excerpt)

The Basics of Thailand

No matter who comes to Thailand, the basics are essentially important. Your trip can be of 2 days, 2 years, or even 2 decades but learning the basics would stay important at all times. This would also show your respect towards Thai people as well as their culture. The basics will also make your survival easier until you are able to readily settle down.

The writer begins the next chapter of this Ebook with the cultural difference that most people might see as they come to Thailand. Belonging from ancient tales, the cultural events, and the influence of religious practices has become a very common part of Thailand’s day-to-day running. Things might not look the way they are at home which is why it may be a bit difficult in the beginning but eventually a person gets used-to to it. The writer has explained a few of the cultural differences including language before proceeding to the next big thing about Thailand, Thai Food.

The author has discussed various things about the food in Thailand, including the hotspots for both Thai and Western Food. There is a chance that people don’t like Thai Food right away so Western food will act as a good substitute. The author has also explained the type of Alcohol available in Thailand as well as how different it is along with its availability.

Other basics being discussed in this chapter include money matters, accommodation issues, utility bills, the norms of tipping, disease prevention such as malaria and mosquitoes, driving, and hospitals as well. This is the most detailed chapter of the book as it provides you insights into how you can make your living in Thailand an ideal one without having to face any issues that other people have already.

“If you plan to drive in Thailand, you’ll need to get an International Driving License. If you anticipate staying longer than 12 months, you’ll need to apply for a Thai Driving License, which will mean taking a test here.”

(Ebook Excerpt)

The author has also provided valuable information regarding the health system of Thailand. The health facilities are actively present in the state of Bangkok and world-class doctors are working there to provide active health care to the patients. Besides, health insurance is also present in Thailand. However, the author suggests that only those people should go for health insurance who are planning to have a long stay in Thailand.

Transport and Driving in Thailand

Another important aspect when relocating to a foreign country is to understand the various modes of transportation available over there. Being a culturally rich Asian country, there is a high trend of tuk-tuk rickshaws, boats, as well as motorcycles by the common citizens. These are cheap ways of traveling from one place to another as they require low fuel and offer a higher fuel average as well. The writer has discussed the concept of driving in great detail by providing numerical figures associated with expenses of transport as well.

Besides, there are trains, buses, vans, and a few other forms of transport available in Thailand as well, none of which are expensive, which makes it highly convenient to move around in different parts of Thailand.

Communication Services

In Thailand, there are several ways of communication offered. The writer has explained all of them including internet services, cellular services, and how to connect with emergency services such as Police or Ambulance. With 7-Elevens all over Thailand, staying in communication with top-ups from anywhere becomes quite easy.

Chapter 3 – Before You Come to Thailand

Once the writer has discussed the life of Thailand and the essentials of living over there, it is important to know that pre-planning is also necessary before making your visit to Thailand. This is because there are certain requirements including Financial Planning, Visa, and other aspects which need to be evaluated before making your way forward to Thailand.

The writer starts off this chapter by providing an estimation of income that is usually earned in Thailand. He then compares it with the different types of monthly expenses that can be incurred. The author has mentioned hotel accommodation as well as a permanent residence as many don’t have a proper residence in the initial days. This is an important part of the chapter which has many important tips for the newcomers. These tips will help you move to Thailand in a cheap yet reliable way without any major problems.

What About Visas?

For anyone planning to move to Thailand, Visa comes as the foremost important thing before coming there. However, there are different types of visas that are issued on the basis of your requirements, duration of stay, the purpose of stay, and other associated factors as well. The author has written everything about the visa of Thailand in this chapter.

He has talked about different types of visas including

  • Tourist Visa
  • Retirement Visa
  • Marriage Visa
  • Work Visa
  • Education Visa

The author talks about the requirements of these types of visas as well as the cost that may be incurred in getting these visas. The amount is mentioned in pounds, dollars, and Thailand Baht so that one can easily evaluate according to their financial resources.

Chapter 4 – When You Arrive in Thailand

Now that a person is done with the basics of Thailand, as well as things to consider when moving to Thailand, it is now important to consider how you plan on living the first few days when a person moves to a new country. The author has explained a lot of aspects in this chapter such as initial accommodation. As per the writer, it is better to stay in a hotel rather than a home for the first few days.

“When you arrive, staying in a hotel will make your first few days a little easier, as it’s not fun trying to find somewhere to stay in a new country, especially when you don’t speak the language and have no idea how to find your way around. You wouldn’t book more than a week, though, as you will most likely find somewhere more suitable once you’ve been here a few days.”

(Ebook Excerpt)

Several other aspects are also discussed in this chapter such as long-term accommodation facilities. The writer has discussed many of the places which are mostly considered for the purpose of residence by the expats. This detailed section also has the average prices of houses in major areas of Thailand, the rents, and other accommodation aspects as well. Besides, this part also gives you a plan of living such that you are able to spend less while saving more.

Adapting The Thai Culture

A monk of Thailand

Many are aware of the fact that many Asian countries have a different and unique culture among them which has resided for hundreds of years. However, adapting to this difference can be difficult for any outsider. However, it is equally important otherwise there can be several problems for the people who plan to visit Thailand. One has to be very careful around sacred places and monks, otherwise, it could be considered disrespectful. In this part of the book, the writer has talked about this culture in detail as well as mentioned the do’s and don’ts as well. Besides, there are tips as well to get to know the locals in a better way.

Furthermore, the author discusses why the Thai Language is very important and how not learning this language could cause possible problems. The plenty of benefits written by the author include

  • Getting Respect
  • Getting to know the people
  • Having a girlfriend
  • Easy to find a job
  • Easy to get to different places
  • Easy to understand others
  • Adapting the culture

The author has also discussed some of the most delicious dishes of Thailand which are a must-try for every foreigner. The further parts of the book talk about work and relationships, living on a budget, adhering to the law, and other such aspects as well.

Overview of the Book

Thailand is full of culture

On a thorough evaluation, this book can be considered as one of the best ones when it comes to the choice of Moving to Thailand. Not only does it talk about the good side, but it also mentions the ways in which you can make your living in Thailand an awesome experience. It also provides you with a solution to a few of the problems that a person moving to Thailand might have to face. With detail on every topic, the readers will have an answer to almost every question that they might be having. You can get a hang of Thailand very easily if you have read this book.

With much of the financial information and numbers provided, it becomes even more interesting as well. This book gives accurate information on the finances that will be managed including income, accommodation, and others as well.

However, from a critical point of view, this book does not have a section for “drawbacks of living in Thailand”. While this may seem slightly unnecessary, it certainly is a highly important thing because someone who is traveling to Thailand should be aware of the potential drawbacks of staying in the country for a longer time. Although a few problems have been mentioned along with their solutions, there is still a need for a proper section to address this topic.


On the whole, this is by far one of the most amazing books on Thailand. It has addressed several aspects of the country and gives sufficient information on the topic as well. It can be rightfully considered as a guidebook on moving to Thailand.


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