Moving to Mexico – eBook Review


by Jordan Lewis (Author)
Format: Kindle Edition


Change is inevitable. At some point in our lives, all of us have to make big decisions. Leaving one’s homeland in hopes of getting a better future is surely a difficult one. It requires weeks of planning, enough money at hand, and proper knowledge of the country you’re relocating to.

Mexico has been in the news for decades. It’s a unique country that has seen more wars and terrors than its fair share. It also has a historical significance among its neighboring countries. Surprisingly, Mexico stands proud and tall and is growing as we speak.

The title, “Moving to Mexico,” is self-explanatory. This eBook is a guide for people who wish to relocate to Mexico for whatever reason. It includes everything (almost) about the country and its people, the trends that a foreigner should know, and the difficulties a non-Mexican can face during their stay.

Around 70% of the foreigners in Mexico are from America and Guatemala. The rest are from Europe and specifically Spanish-speaking countries. The Americans travel back and forth to Mexico for vacations and other reasons.

The shared border makes Mexico an easy escape for Americans and other neighboring countries. Owing to this, Americans have a fair idea of Mexica. On the other hand, it could be a different experience for a foreigner with little to no knowledge about Mexico.

Mexico – A Different Perspective

Thanks to mainstream media and Hollywood, Mexico is known for the chaos it exhibits. Drugs, violence, lawlessness; everything illegal is found there. Even the directors put on an eerie filter when they show a scene in Mexico. But is that the whole truth? Certainly not! In fact, it’s not true at all. Mexico is just like any other developing country in the world. And that is what the eBook in question is about.

The author has tried to establish a connection between foreigners and the locals of Mexico. Even though the cultural and language barriers could be huge for some people, common aspects like hospitality, food, and traditions make everyone feel at home. With the growing economy, Mexico is welcoming more and more expats every year.

This book aims not only to guide people for their big move but also to tell the Mexican side of the story from a neutral perspective. The big names love to portray Mexico as something “wild,” but the reality is far from it. You may just find some similarities between your homeland and Mexico while reading this eBook.

…the reason for which you have made this big move plays a vital role in your life ahead. If it is a long official trip you showed no interest in but had to oblige your boss, everything about Mexico will bother you. But if it is a part of your retirement plan or you just want to start your life over, Mexico is a great choice. Either way, if you give it enough time, you will definitely fall in love with this colorful country. 

(EBook Excerpt)

The eBook starts with the first and most important things that a person should take care of before taking off. It gradually takes pace with topics like job search, settling in, education, and many more. Finally, the book ends with telling the truth about the stereotypes that are associated with Mexico. At a glance, it is a complete guide to and about Mexico.

Chapter 1 – Reasons to Move to Mexico

This chapter is all about making you feel less nervous about your move. It is understandable to get chills and doubts for a country like Mexico. As the chapter name indicates, you will find several reasons that make moving to Mexico worthwhile.

Here it should be mentioned that Mexico is a great country for a retirement plan. Following this debate, the author has enlisted the stark differences in prices and the cost of living between Mexico and the US. Although the eBook is meant for everyone who understands English, some comparisons in the book are specifically between the US and Mexico.

The reason behind this could be the dominant number of American expats that are currently living in Mexico. Some of the reasons included in the chapter are:

  • Affordable housing
  • Low-cost living
  • Exotic landscapes
  • A laidback lifestyle
  • Expat Havens

Chapter 2 – Immigration and Visa Policies

Believe it or not, millions of people have never set foot outside their native country. They never needed a passport or went through the visa process. The second chapter of this book was written keeping exactly this fact in mind. It is a step-by-step guide for people who are not familiar with the visa requirements of any country.

Fortunately, Mexico is one of the easier countries to issue a visa. In fact, there are residents from about a dozen countries who do not require a visa to visit Mexico. This is due to Mexico’s diplomatic relationships with these countries. The chapter mentions this fact very well, along with a guide for other countries too.

People often confuse “visiting” with “staying.” This chapter does a very good job of differentiating between the two using easy-to-understand terminology. It also tells about the types of visas a person can get and the differences between them.

Chapter 3 – Work & Stay

Here you’ll find the answer to a common man’s struggle in a foreign land. Mexico may not be the strictest of the countries; you will still have to find your way through work and family life. This chapter focuses on the industries that are in demand in Mexico. It also talks about the importance of learning Spanish and how much it will help you during your stay.

Learning Spanish will help you in getting a job and also settling well. If you could not understand the language of the locals, you can’t expect them to be friends with you either. But, English as a native or fluent language can also be used to get a stable job. As the author mentions:

…if you know English as your first language, there is a high chance that you can get a job as a school teacher. It is highly recommended that you get a TESOL/TESL/TEFL certificate. You can do any of these courses from your home country or from Mexico. The chances are that your training institute will hire you after you finish your course. 

(EBook Excerpt)

The chapter ends with an elaborate list of major cities of Mexico and their pros and cons. It seems that this list was deliberately included in this chapter for the readers to decide where they should land their feet. Of course, it entirely depends on the reason for moving to Mexico, but it’s worth knowing the options and a little bit about the famous Mexican cities.

Chapter 4 – Studies in Mexico

With a stable and growing economy, Mexico is attracting all kinds of foreigners. This includes students who wish to pursue studies in Mexico. As strange as it may sound, Mexican universities are among the top universities of Latin America.

63 Mexican universities were featured in the QS Latin America University Rankings of 2019, coming second to Brazil. 

(EBook Excerpt)

Mexico City has the most top-rated universities and also the most foreigners. Getting a student visa is easy as it is followed by admission to a Mexican university. This chapter discusses the life of an average student in Mexico. It can be easily said that a student’s life in Mexico is no different than any other country. However, the only barrier could be the language one as some courses are taught strictly in Spanish.

There is a detailed list of Mexico’s top universities. The author has taken their time to mention the strengths of each institute and what makes them “good” in terms of providing quality education.

Chapter 5 – Settling in

The daunting aspect of settling in a foreign land is precisely dealt with in this chapter. Foreigners from developed countries like the US would know the importance of knowing the basic tax system. The best thing about this chapter is the usage of authentic data and stats that are applicable in Mexico. Following is an excerpt and a sample table from the chapter:

Since 2016, overall deductions were made on an individual’s income, but this changed in 2021. Now, the tax has been lessened to 15% of the year’s taxable income, which is equivalent to 163,467 Mexican pesos.

Annual Income Payable Tax %
from MXN 1 to 7,735.00 1.92%
from MXN 7,735.01 to 65,651.07 6.4%

Chapter 6 – Law and Order

The point of discussion for this chapter revolves around the laws that a common man should know when moving to Mexico. A foreigner in Mexico who has decided to stay indefinitely must have some plans in the years to come. They could get married, start a family or settle with a family from a previous marriage. Either way, if they are not aware of the rules and regulations, they could get in serious trouble.

The chapter starts with marriage laws and child maintenance. The author has done a great job by including information about lesser-known topics like surrogacy and adoption. This was an effective move by the author as foreigners can mess up if they get involved with locals without knowing the proper procedures. Countries like Mexico are often misunderstood for being lawless when that is not the case at all.

Chapter 7 – Everyday Life and in Mexico

As the book reaches closure, the tone has changed to a more informal one. The topics of this chapter include everyday aspects like the internet, networks, and transport. It can be clearly seen that the author has tried to cover as many topics that are related to a normal day in Mexico.

You will even find the common brands for various cellphone and internet suppliers. This is something you’ll have to search for when looking for a suitable purchase. But in this comprehensive guide, you’ll find the top and most common brands as suggested by the author. From a reader’s point of view, this could be a very effective strategy to link readers with brands.

Chapter 8 – What to Expect From Mexico?

The final and most interesting chapter of this eBook deals with an overview of Mexico. It talks about Mexico from a foreigner’s perspective about what they expect and what they will get during their stay. It starts with a general shopping experience in local stores, nightlife, dating culture in Mexico and tourism and ends with busting myths about Mexico.

Since Mexico has always been associated with a lot of rumors, the author took it upon themselves to emphasize some of the most common misconceptions about Mexico and the truth behind them. In our opinion, this section alone tells a lot about the entire eBook as to how much authenticity it has in its content.

Like any other country, Mexico has seen its fair share of ups and downs. It has witnessed wars, changes of regime, wild criminals, and whatnot. And yet, the country still stands proud and tall. It is no longer the crime-stricken country as depicted by most Hollywood movies. It is an emerging country that is improving day by day. 

(EBook excerpt)

Change is scary, but sometimes it cannot be delayed or stopped. The best way to cope with a big change is to gather as much information about it as you can. Moving to Mexico serves just the right thing for a person who is looking forward to their new life in Mexico. It is packed with essential facts and stats that could be useful to any foreigner. It has been written in simple words which are meant to be understood by anyone who knows English.


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