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Liverpool development and tourism – Reasons to get excited about visiting the UK’s North in 2020

Liverpool development and tourism

Holidays and adventures out might be on hold for the foreseeable due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t take this time spent indoors to plan your next city break. Despite being quite the small island in comparison to some of the different countries in Europe, the UK has a wide variety of different cities outside of London, each with their own unique personality and offerings. 

Thinking of visiting Europe and the UK for your next city break once things have gone back to normal? Here are some different reasons why Liverpool should be at the top of your list as a Northern alternative to London.

Liverpool has rich history and culture

Home to the largest collection of grade I listed buildings in the UK (on the Liverpool waterfront), Liverpool is an excellent spot to go if you’re looking for some of the country’s heritage. That isn’t to say that the city doesn’t also have a modern component, however. The Baltic Triangle sector that is just outside of the city centre is quickly becoming a valuable digital piece of the city’s economy, and it’s also named as one of the trendiest places to live.

Matching those amazing sights and sounds are the amount of personality, music and culture that the city oozes throughout its streets. It’s the home to the world-famous Beatles, with museums, bars and walking tours to match, and if you’re into football then the Anfield stadium tour is something that you should definitely consider…

The city is growing and developing

Formerly part of the government’s Northern Powerhouse initiative, Liverpool is a city that is constantly continuing to grow and thrive, and will only increase in becoming a better city to visit by the day and month, making it the perfect city to select as one when planning for the future. As the spread of influence from London begins to move northwards, with entrepreneurs and investors more interested in cities like Liverpool and Manchester, the north will again continue to be a more viable alternative to London as time goes on. Property Investment company RWinvest state in their guide to the area that investors from around the globe are interested in Liverpool, and tourists are too.

One of the most exciting regeneration and development projects for tourists is the new cruise liner terminal planned for Prince’s Dock. It was reported by the BBC that this £50m+  project would create thousands of new jobs for the city and also attract thousands of new visitors. Attractions on the site include café’s, a lounge area and also transportation points so that new tourists can quickly move into the city and visit other attractions.

Again, for football fans out there, northwards of this development will also be the new Everton Stadium on Bramley Moore Dock. A state-of-the-art replacement for the long-standing Goodison Park stadium, this new football ground for the Premier League side will have built-in features and improvements within the ground, all while preserving the legacy and historic elements of the dock.

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