Learn about the Road to Hana in Maui


The Road to Hana is famous around the world for the natural splendor of its pristine landscapes and majestic waterfalls. It is without a doubt the island’s most popular attraction. 

The picturesque drive lies on Maui’s northeast shore. Technically, the route is known as the Hana Highway, and it is marked on maps as Highway 36 and Highway 360.

Unfamiliar individuals will simply say that the route will only take a few hours to drive. They had no idea how long the trip would last. It is the United States’ longest rainforest highway.

Because of the small one-lane bridges, steep curves, and amazing island views, the drive can take anywhere from two to four hours to complete.

The path takes you through lush rainforests, cascading waterfalls, deep pools, and stunning coastlines.

Facts About Road to Hana

  • The “Divorce Highway” or “Road to Hell” is another name for the road to Hana due to its hairpin turns and one lane bridges.
  • It has 617 turns, and 59 bridges.
  • The journey to Hana is only 52 kilometers long.
  • It is a registered historic place.
  • The route to Hana begins in Kahului and ends in Hana. 

Stops to consider in Road to Hana

There are numerous opportunities to pause and take in the beautiful scenery. The destination is the road itself, and stopping along the way guarantees you get the entire experience. There are various rest spots and attractions along the way. Here are the best stops in Road to Hana:

    1. Paia – The main street, which is lined with coffee shops, restaurants, art galleries, and surf stores, is difficult to miss. The picturesque little town of Paia is the final stop for gas before embarking on your journey. It’s worth stopping by even if you’ve already filled up on gas. 
    2. Maui Garden of Eden – Alan Bradbury, Maui’s first ISA certified arborist, established the Garden of Eden, a stunning arboretum. The Maui Garden of Eden is located on the Road to Hana at Mile Marker 10.
    3. Twin falls – Twin Falls is situated on a family-owned farm. It has two parts, the upper falls and lower falls. There are also fruit stands inside the farm where twin falls is located. 
    4. Ke’anae Peninsula – This location boasts a lot of history, beautiful shoreline views, and a chance to see Old Hawaii. The Ke’anae Peninsula is around Mile Marker 16, just past the Ke’anae Arboretum.
    5. Keanae Arboretum – The concrete pathway winds through half a mile of tropical plants. It’s a wonderful spot to unwind, stretch your legs, and then stroll into the botanical gardens.
    6. Wailua Valley State Wayside – It has some of the best mauka and mauna vistas along the Road to Hana, including high elevation views of Ke’anae Valley, the expansive taro fields of Wailua Village, and, on clear days, neighboring waterfalls.
    7. Ching’s pond – The gorgeous emerald pond features a tiny waterfall and a concrete platform where brave guests can try to dive in.
    8. Pua’a Ka’a Falls – It provides a relaxing area, public facilities, and a walking route to a waterfall and freshwater pool. This is great stop to add to your itinerary. 
    9. Upper waikani falls or three bears falls – Upper Waikani Falls are located immediately off the main roadway. If you have time, walk beneath the bridge to get a better look.
    10. Hana Farms Roadside Stand – A local market where you may buy rare and handcrafted items. 

Road to Hana Code of Conduct

Just like any other tourist spots, the Road to Hana also has its rules and regulations that you must follow in order for you to have a smooth and safe trip along the beautiful scenic route of Hana. Visitors must be courteous, stay on the roadways, obey street and road signs, and park only in specified places. Here are some guidelines to follow:

  1. There is no walking allowed on the Hana high way. 
  2. Along the journey, gaze in the numerous farms, botanical gardens, and fruit booths.
  3. Stop for local traffic.
  4. If there is no welcome signage, assume this place as a private property and do not trespass.
  5. Park only in authorized parking spaces. Vehicles that extend onto the highway may be towed.
  6. Do not take some soil, rocks, or sand from beaches, mountains, or roadways. 
  7. When there is severe rain and sudden floods, do not enter streams.
  8. Dust and sanitize boots, trekking gear, and vehicles before approaching east Maui to prevent invasive species.
  9. Explore state parks and county
  10. Please be mindful of the environment. Keep waste in designated containers, stay on the walkways, respect wildlife and plants, and follow safe procedures. 

Tips on visiting/driving on Road to Hana 

  • Begin early to enjoy a smoother ride – The road to Hana can be somewhat busy. To avoid this, start early.
  • Make the Road to Hana a multi-day excursion – To make the most of your drive to this scenic route, make sure you have enough time to savor each stop you desire to drop by. 
  • Plan your trip and prepare the things you need – a trip or a drive is way much better you already have plans for your destination and you have the things you need all through out the drive. 
  • Pack with you a bathing suit – Since this highway is a long route, there are many stops to go through that has amazing and eye-catching falls. Just be sure to practice safety precautions. Don’t just dive in. 
  • Stock up on supplies – You may need to stock up on food and drinks that will be enough for your entire road trip. Along the trip, there are just a few places
  • Choose your destinations wisely – With a lot of stops to choose from, you may be stressed out on what to choose. So, you better choose ahead of time to make sure you can use your time wisely. 

Wrapping it up

Plan ahead and allow plenty of time for this journey. This will enable you to have the most comfortable, safe, and enjoyable road trip you will ever have. To make your vacation worthwhile, keep the points mentioned above in mind. This highway may be a challenging route to take but it will reward you with its picturesque view and also, you’ll have the best memories to keep for a lifetime. 


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