Krakow Stag Activities – 10 Best Ideas To Choose

Krakow has a lot to offer a Stag Do Weekend, naturally, the traditional evening and night time partying in Krakow’s buzzing atmosphere is second to none, however, there are a wide range of day time activities to offset the boozy party evenings. Choosing an event or activity during the day keeps the Stag Party fresh, depending on your group’s interests Krakow can provide driving, sport, indoor and outdoor entertainment to make the Stag Party in Krakow a memorable one. The evening session offers a multitude of activities combined with further indoor, on the river or special eating activity venues whilst celebrating with or humiliating the Stag in question.

Can you choose an activity for the Stag Party direct from the airport?

Most certainly, one of the best ideas to kick off the Stag Weekend is the hugely popular Strip Party Bus. As soon as you reach the arrivals area after touch down a guide is there to greet your party and escort you to the Party bus which is decked out like a club on wheels with dance poles, bars, music and lights. On the way to the city centre a strip artist or artists will be picked up to lay on a thrilling show and focus attention on the Stag, the show and ride ends with a drop off at your accommodation. A brilliant choice activity to ramp up the Stag Party atmosphere straight from the airport tarmac. The Party bus is also for hire as a City cruise during the weekend Stag fun.

I want to go shooting, can you handle an AK47?

I want to go shooting, can you handle an AK47

AK47 Kalashnikov shooting range, definitely a firm favourite and not only with the famous or notorious Russian assault rifle, there are different package deals with an assortment of weapons from hand guns to a pump action shotgun. Whatever shooting package you choose this activity is enthralling and you get to keep your score target as a memento of the occasion. Apart from the shooting packages you can add in by request some of the world’s most well known guns like the Clint Eastwood 44 Magnum or an AR 15 machine gun plus James bond’s famous trademark PPK pistol. Even Clint has fired an AK47 in the film Heartbreak Ridge. An excellent and exciting few hours will be had, especially if you have never fired a real gun with live ammunition.

My Stag Group would enjoy some active sport, what is on offer?

Krakow has many sport clubs and facilities, take your pick from indoor or outdoor 5-a-side football, ideal for groups with more than 10 willing players to have a kick around to burn off the booze. Also, 11-a-side matches can be arranged with a local team. If you prefer a more sedate activity then watch a top flight league football match with either Wisla Krakow or Cracovia with a Spectator Match Pack and if you are lucky enough you might get to see the passionate local derby between the two local teams. Even rugby friendly matches can be organised and hosted by the city’s rugby club. If you are a rugby Stag Party visiting in June then join the Krakow Rugby Festival that takes place every year in the 3rd week of June, a great combined Stag & Rugby weekend if you fit the profile. Another fantastic sporting challenge is White Water Rafting on Krakow’s Olympic circuit. One or two hour sessions available with instructors keeping you in check whilst battling the current and rapids. You might need a back up t-shirt and shorts after shooting the rapids, just sayin’. Check out for more details.

Road Runner, Road Runner but not on the highway

Heart pumping adrenalin action on the off road track in the Ojcow National Park situated in the outskirts of Krakow with 4×4 Off Roading. Enjoy the thrilling challenge of testing your skills in various 4x4s such as Toyota and Land Rover in a brilliant natural setting instead of the usual city road potholes, dirt in the wheel rims allowed as you manoeuvre around the course that seems almost impossible to drive a vehicle through. If you fancy yourself as a racing driver then get on the go-kart track and prove it. Go-Karting is another heart in your mouth event, the best drivers rarely use the brakes, they go flat out and only decelerate on the tight bends that’s the secret of a top go-kart driver. The karting venues also award bubbly for the best drivers and your name goes on the fastest lap board just like in the popular Top Gear program.

Fun, funny and fascinating activities with an edge

The Bubble Footie is a must, try scoring a goal or just look for the best ricochet tackle in your bubble protection. Some tackles or efforts to get the ball brings out some truly hilarious results of rebounding players during the course of the game. Experience in the rules of physics is helpful, you know, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. A bouncer is more familiar term in dance club circles and cricket too but wait till you try Bubble Footie, a whole new meaning is created. This next fun but exhilarating activity can be taken during a pub crawl as it is in a pub, Axe-Throwing, heave and cleave different sorts of axes and hatchets at a wooden target while enjoying a pint. It is so satisfying when the axe buries itself in the target, it makes you feel like a Viking or something and you want to instinctively shout out with a gratifying guttural yes, especially if you hit the bullseye.

There we have 10 Best Ideas for you to choose from even though Krakow still has a lot more to offer Stag Group Weekends, don’t forget the evening activities. Dedicated companies such as Party Krakow actually based in Krakow have more specialised events and activities to organise for you to make sure you remember your Krakow Stag Do for a very long time.