Key West – Romantic Getaway Ideas for This Weekend


From its awe-inspiring sunsets, serene walks on the beautiful beach, charming bed and breakfast restaurants accommodations to exquisite dinings hotspots, Florida’s Key West is a romantic paradise ready to delight sweethearts and take them into a memorable escape. Adding the Caribbean-like climate, its rich history, secluded oceanfront resorts, and stunning theaters and galleries, there’s simply no shortage of intimate things to do around the city. If you aren’t sure how to spend your weekend in this fantasy world yet, here are the best romantic getaway ideas in Key West – all bound to bring you into a unique, amorous adventure with your loved one.

1. Ride bicycles in Old Town

Start your journey by joining a guided bicycle tour through the streets of Key West’s Old Town. It’s the perfect introduction, especially for first-time visitors, as it’s one of the most historically-rich locations in the city. Revel as you witness classic 19th-century architecture that will seemingly take you back in time. Pedal through the winding streets and see other highlights, such as the Mile Marker Zero, White Street Pier, and the Southernmost Point Buoy. What’s great is that you can choose between morning or afternoon times, so you won’t have any issues fitting this activity into your schedule. Apart from this, the exciting alps to ocean cycle tours are also a great option. 

2. Relax at South Beach

South Beach is one of Key West’s best public beaches. As its name implies, it’s situated on the southern end of the city and is well-renowned for its relaxed ambiance. You can waddle in its crystal-clear, shallow waters, Hire a sunbed and sunbake yourself under the hot sun, or simply relax while watching the waves roll on the sandy shores. There are also restaurants and cafés nearby selling delectable treats and refreshments, perfect as you get some good conversations going with your loved one.

3. Enjoy the sunset at Mallory Square

Mallory Square is renowned for its stunning sunset and nothing can be more romantic than doing it in this place. From street performers to buskers, magicians, tightrope walkers, jugglers, clowns, and banjo pickers, you and your partner will have fun seeing the many celebrations that happen as the sky turns to vivid colors of red, orange, and orange. Sip on a glass of wine or taste some of the delicacies offered by food vendors while watching the festivities for a total experience.

4. Have fun with your pooch at Dog Beach

If you want to bring your furry friend with you on your vacation, don’t fret! Key West has a section where they allow dogs to enjoy the sand and swim unleashed. See how dogs have the time of their lives as they take a dip! After some exercise and fun with your little pup in the little strip of beach, visit the nearby pet-friendly restaurant Louie’s Backyard for some tasty snacks and cold, refreshing beverages.

5. Visit West Martello Tower

If you’re history lovers, visiting the Martello Tower is a must in your Key West romantic getaway itinerary. Built in 1862, this small defensive fort is one of the last three remaining Civil War structures still found on the island. While no battle was actually fought on the fortification, the United States Navy used the site for their target practices. On June 24, 1976, the West Martello Tower was dedicated as a National Historic Site.

Today, it serves as the home of Key West Garden Club. Here, you can see the remnants of the fort and learn more about its history. All that while strolling past the beautiful gardens with an incredible collection of native and exotic plants, flowers, and trees that now thrive under the ancient fort.

6. Tour Key West First Legal Rum Distillery

Situated at a former bottling plant of Coca-Cola that operated from 1903 to 1983, you will find the first legal rum distillery in Key West. Join the free tours daily from 12 pm to 5 pm and taste their iconic rum made from Florida sugarcane imbued with vanilla, key lime, and coconut. Tour around the plant while the employees educate you about different processes involved in making rum.

 If the owner is on-site, you can talk to its owner Paul Menta, also a chef and professional kiteboarder, and learn more about the fascinating history of the distillery. Note that Key West First Legal Rum Distillery also makes baked goods and chocolates. So, never forget to bring some home before you end your visit.

7. Step inside the Oldest House in Key West

Constructed in 1829, the Oldest House in Key West and throughout South Florida is now converted into a museum situated at 322 Duval Street. Step inside to see how the first resident of the city lived in the 1800s. The house still features original furnishing, period pieces, documents, family portraits, maritime artifacts, and other resources that chronicles the story of old Key West.

At the back of the house, there’s also a spacious, peaceful, beautiful garden seemingly enticing you to just sit and relax with your loved one as you reflect on all the historical information you’ll gain from the self-guided tour.

8. See the Key West Wildlife Center

If you enjoy seeing wildlife instead, head on to Key West Wildlife Center. It’s a small non-profit rescue and rehabilitation center that treats orphaned, sick and injured animals in Key West. They are open for visitors every day of the week (except for Wednesday). Here, you can see various types of birds plus other wildlife, gaining strength in the center’s clinics and aviaries before they are released back into the wild. Channel your love by visiting and donating to support their mission!

9. Have fun at Key West’s several other beaches

Beach fun doesn’t end at South Beach or Dog Beach as Key West has many other beaches to offer. First of them is Smathers Beach, which boasts a two-mile-long sandy shoreline and beauty ranks among the best beaches in the US. Some of the activities you can enjoy here include swimming, parasailing, kayaking, and snorkeling. Combine it with the mild currents and you’re in for an intimate experience.

As an alternative, you may opt to see Higgs Beach instead, a small but charming public beach blessed with beautiful stretches of sand lined with palm trees and blessed with magnificent waters. Apart from that, it’s brimmed with other nearby attractions, such as the African Cemetery, Key West AIDS Memorial, and the wooden pier that extends to the Atlantic Ocean for the best sunset views.

Other worth-seeing beaches in Key West include Simonton Beach, Fort Zachary Taylor Beach, Dry Tortugas Beach, Rest Beach, and Bahia Honda State Park, all offering unique beauty and a distinct beach experience.

10. Go for a Walk on the famous Duval Street

A romantic getaway in Key West won’t be complete without visiting one of its most popular destinations – Duval Street. While it’s no more than a mile in length, this vibrant street serves as the heart of the city, being home to many funky shops, art galleries, outdoor cafés, world-famous pubs, and delicious restaurants.

Final Words

Indeed, Florida’s Key West offers lots of destinations to visit and things to do for the best romantic weekend getaway. Opt for ones that fit your bucket list, combine them into your schedule, or just hit them all for a totally memorable experience with your loved one in the beautiful Florida Keys.


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