Insurance in Bulgaria: what to buy?


Travel insurance is not something that most tourists consider as a top priority, but it is highly recommended and even urgent — especially when vacationing in countries that are not widely traveled such as Bulgaria. So be prepared. Expect the unexpected.

For tourists who independently organize their holidays in Bulgaria, we recommend buying insurance through the Internet. The process is generally cheaper, faster and more reliable. Especially if you choose the right insurance company, insurance will protect you in case something happens.

If you are going to sign up for a packaged tour to Bulgaria, most likely it will already include insurance. For instance, on one tour there was even an insurance against rains and hurricanes. While you may imagine how much money you’d pay for it, think otherwise that it is for your own safety and security.

Why do you need medical insurance in Bulgaria

The official position of the authorities of some countries is: “If you have not purchased insurance, then take all the risks and pay for the treatment from your own pocket, not at the expense of other taxpayers.” In principle, it is quite fair. Therefore, we recommend to find out whether the treatment will be paid in case of unforeseen situations through your own pocket or all costs will be incurred by the consulate.

The average cost of treatment for our tourists in Bulgaria is more than 10000 euros. Do you have such money? Can you spend it freely? If not, be sure to get good insurance.

By the way, it is also will be good to make a separate insurance for a child.

What kind of insurance should I buy?

It is enough to buy insurance for 30,000 euros or more. Insurance must begin before entering the country and end after.

But not everything is so simple. Standard insurance does not cover many types of expenses, so they need to be included with additional options (this is not necessary, but it is desirable).

What additional options are desirable to purchase?

Insurance with additional options will cost significantly more than the “minimum”, but it really helps in case something unexpected happens. Let’s look at the basic options that you might need:

  • A trip by private car is necessary in case you plan to enter Bulgaria by car.
  • Liability insurance is needed if you plan to ski in case accidents occur that cause injury, trauma, etc. to other tourists.
  • Insurance for those who involved in sports – you have to pay for injuries, you must specify the certain types of sports that you plan to do (mountain skiing, snowboarding, diving, etc.).
  • Accident insurance – you need this option to not only pay your expenses, but also pay compensation.

Of course, there are other additional options. For example, there are popular insurances: trip cancellation, loss of luggage or important documents. If you need them, we recommend you purchase these options.

The cost of insurance – where to find the cheapest insurance for travel to Bulgaria?

Buying insurance through the Internet is much better, faster and more convenient than purchasing insurance at an the office of the insurance company. We recommend using the Cherehapa service, which cooperates only with trusted insurance companies and describes the options included in the insurance as much as possible. Due to large sales volumes, the price of insurance for you will be cheaper than in the office:

  • The cheapest insurance is about 10 euro per person (for 7 days).
  • A good insurance will cost you about 20 euros per person.
  • Insurance with additional options is obtained from 20 to 30 euros per person per week.

There is another important fact: when you are communicating with the insurance agent, he can convince you to buy insurance with unnecessary options or promises than what the insurance actually covers. Buying insurance on the Internet, you clearly see from what it protects.

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