How to Wash Breathable Waders?

Washing waders is an essential part of keeping it fresh and germ-free. It is an overall extending set that covers the foot to the thigh and it goes chest to neck. Also, it includes a pair of waterproof boots as well.

However, It’s easy to clean the waders after going home from a wet place like a lake or river. But it gets hard if you have dealt with muddy surfaces. Also, it becomes necessary after a mud invasion to wash them. So, it is essential to know how to wash breathable waders. And, this article here will help you out describing all the ways to do that. Let’s get it on!

Is Washing Your Waders Necessary

You may wonder why the cleaning and washing process can’t be omitted when we are talking about waders. Waders contain dirt and debris after use and sometimes carry oils and fish slimes on them. So, it becomes smelly and oily.

According to American Boating Association (ABA), a breathable fishing wader is designed with the most comfortable and expensive elements. So, keeping clean and dry is good for the durability of the wader.

Though the question was whether washing the wader is necessary or not, some facts might get you to the point about why you need to clean the wader.

  • Refine breathability: Your wader carries mud, sand, fungus, and other liquid germs that can block the breathable area. Washing the wader can keep the breathable area of the wader.
  • Comfort wearing: The more you keep your wader clean after using, the more comfortable it remains.
  • Keep hygiene: Whatever work you do with your wader like water gardening, waterfowl hunting, fly fishing, etc, the breathable membrane can residue sweat, germs, body oils, and even unpleasant smells. A clean and washed wader keeps the body healthy.
  • DWR finish: All waterproof rain gear has DWR finish so that the inside portion can dry fast. Sometimes too much dirt and body germs can break the waterproof coatings after long use. So, use it wisely with an adequate cleanup.

How to Wash Breathable Waders?

The lightweight hunting waders keep the body inside warm and hygienic but you need to ensure its maintenance because you are not going to buy waders every month.  Here, for your help, we have organised some easy and comfortable steps to clean your waders at home.

Hand Washing

The handwashing process to clean your breathable waders is the safest technique than any other formula of cleaning it. Some steps you must know about washing the waders that will help you to go with your wader for the long run.

Step 1: Cold or lukewarm water

To start the cleaning process, use your bathtub or a big bowl to wet the wader with warm water or cold fresh water. Then proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Use mild soap

Then apply fabric softeners or mild detergents on the waders by your hand. Harsh detergents can destroy the color and quality of your waders.

Step 3: Use soft brush

When your wader is perfectly wet with water, you should start processing soaping and brush it softly. Remember, the wader can be ruined if you use a harsh or strong brush to rub the wader. But when you rub the shoe, a slight strong rubbing might be okay.

Step 4: Wash with cold water

After all the procedures, rinse it with cold water. And don’t forget to check again if there is any soap or detergent left. Finally, dry your wader using a damp cloth or hair dryer.

Machine Washing

Washing the waders with machines might sound easy and safe but here are some tips you must apply to clean the waders in washing machines.

Step 1: Use powder detergent

While cleaning a wader in the washing machine, the detergent powder is better than liquid detergent because the breathable wader is usually made up of vulcanized rubber, PVC, neoprene, and Gore-Tex variants. And power detergent will help to reach up every breathable area in it.

Step 2: Coldwater rinse

To clean up your wader, a washing machine can be a useful way of easy washing. Just take off your clothing and put it in the machine. Do the processing as you do with other clothes. Finally, cleanse it with cold water. Hot cleansing or washing can damage your wader.

Step 3: Choose the detergent

All detergents Aren’t the same. Most liquid detergent has powerful sodium silicate and sodium carbonate that might be a reason for damage to your wader. But some detergent specially designed for breathable waders doesn’t contain harsh chemicals.

Step 4: Check the manufacturer

Always check the instructions of the wader because the manufacturer might provide instructions if the wader can be washable in the washing machine or not.

Some major things can be avoided to increase the lifetime of your wader

Wash Breathable Waders

  • Harsh or too much powerful detergent can destroy your wader. Remember, power isn’t always helpful.
  • Washing machine cleaning is good but must avoid high load washers because that may tear your waders.
  • Do not clean your wader and other clothes together. In this part, your wader and clothes both can be damaged.
  • While hand cleaning, do not rub or scrub too much of your wader. In the new situation, it may tolerate the heavy scrubbing but every time it may not.
  • Do not dry it with direct heat or oven heat or even dryer. That can damage your wader. Try to hang it with a rope after washing it. Natural air or a fan can do a better job to dry your wader perfectly.
  • If a wader is not completely dry, don’t put it on. It may give you a smelly, sweaty, and uncomfortable feeling the whole time.


In brief, keeping the waders clean is not only about washing it, having some rules and techniques might help you to store it and take good care of it. Go through the entire article to know about the wader washing process in two different ways.

At a minimum, the spraying off cleaning process you can apply with your wader and boots. Here, you will find the immediate cleaning but beyond that, after 4/5 use, a deep cleaning must be needed to your wader to continue the breathable capability and use it comfortably.