How to start an online book selling business from anywhere in the world


Internet access enables people to travel and operate businesses from anywhere in the world. If you enjoy traveling, reading, and writing, you can turn your hobbies into a lucrative business.

Here’s how:

Amazon is by far the biggest online retailer of books today. They have over 50% market share for all U.S. online book sales. There are a plethora of people who sell books already on Amazon to try and take advantage of the aforementioned high market share which in turn drives prices down for the consumer.

Don’t start this business if you’re looking for millions overnight. A bookselling business on Amazon is very easy with little risk involved as long as you put some time into it. There are online training programs like Higher Path Ventures that can teach you a thing of two about starting a bookselling business (check this review for more details).

You don’t have to be an expert at finding rare gems and selling them for high prices; instead, you simply need to know how to price things fairly and ship items quickly so the buyers can receive their purchases with minimal cost and headache.

What is the best way to find books to sell?

The best way to find books is by going to a bookstore and buying them! The more you go the better your chances of finding something rare or unique at a great price which you can then turn around and sell on Amazon for a profit. This is great for travelers who are traveling to different parts of the world. You can often find books or editions that a normal person can’t and you will be able to get a very good price for that.

How can I get my used books on Amazon for trade?

You can start selling your books by signing up as a third-party seller. This means you don’t have to stock and hold inventory and can simply buy and sell books as they come to you for a small fee of $1.00, plus other fees that will be discussed later on in this article.

After you’ve decided that selling books is the right business for you it’s just a matter of finding the right book at the right price which won’t take much time if you know how to analyze books.

How do I ship my used books to buyers on Amazon?

The best and most cost-effective way to ship books is by using a flat rate priority mail box that costs $7.20 plus tax at your post office for each box you use. If you decide to go the flat rate shipping route make sure to write “Flat Rate” (in capital letters) and “Fragile: This Side Up” (in smaller capital letters) on the box to prevent it from getting mishandled.

After you’ve gathered all your books and decided on some prices you need to wait for a lull in activity on Amazon so that what you’re selling won’t sell immediately or get buried under other new listings. Also, don’t list everything at once as this will take the wind out of your sales. Instead, list your items in batches so that no matter how many times they get bought or if Amazon’s website crashes you’ll always have more listings to show customers.

What types of books are available for sale on Amazon?

You can sell pretty much any kind of book on Amazon though it’s best to stick with old textbooks, rare or hardback books (though it doesn’t hurt to try to sell both), and books that are still in print. This means you need to know what sells well on Amazon before you start listing things, but don’t limit yourself as you might just find a great opportunity to unload some of your old books that you may have lying around or are simply collecting dust.

Do I need any special software to sell my used books on Amazon?

You don’t need anything extra to start selling books on Amazon besides a computer, listings per hour software, and UPC barcodes. Once you’ve done a few listings and have a feel for how to price your items, however, it may be wise to look into professional listing software such as Excel Spreadsheet or Copy & Paste Templates which will make life much easier.

Don’t worry if you don’t want to invest in third-party software as there are ways around this with Excel which will be discussed later on.

How do you know how many books to buy for your business?

You need to start by listing the number of items you’d like to sell in a given period, let’s say 6 months. Then take that number and divide it by the average price per item you’d like to make per item (about $5.00 is good for most textbooks), let’s say it’s $10 per item, then multiply that number by your average selling price of one book ($100) to see how many items you need to sell, which in this case would be 500 books.


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