How to overcome the fears that comes with travelling abroad alone

Many times, people will feel the need to move away from their homeland. This can be due to a variety of factors. Sometimes, people move abroad for greener pastures, for better economic opportunities and remuneration. Sometimes, people move abroad to study and gain more expert knowledge about a field of study the educational system in their country cannot cater for adequately. Sometimes, people move abroad to have a new beginning and get over the hurts and mistakes they made in their past. Sometimes, people move abroad just to experience what it feels like to live outside your home. Sometimes, people also move abroad because they are Whatever, the reasons may be for moving abroad, you may experience certain fears. But you do not have to be disturbed by them, you can always overcome them. Here are some fears you may likely face and how to overcome them:

You will be afraid of being lonely

Moving to a new place where there are no familiar faces as of yet can be a very lonely experience. For some weeks, you may be all by yourself. No family to come home to, no friends to share happy moments with, no partner to tell your day to. You will likely be in want of company. But you do not have to go through the harrowing experience of loneliness. When you move abroad, it is advisable you quickly include yourself into society. Walk up to your neighbours and introduce yourself to them. Look for volunteer causes you can be part of. Look for a place of worship and join them. Be friendly, warm and honest. As you do this, people will naturally gravitate towards you. However, do not try to force relationships with others. If they do not want you, move on and try your luck elsewhere.

You will be afraid of having no money

This is usually a common problem among those who move abroad. Who do you turn to when you hit rock bottom financially? Practically no one. The last thing you want is to be stranded in a place far away from home with no means of assistance. To overcome this, you can try working remotely when you move abroad. If you have to needed skills, try signing up on online platforms where you can get jobs. Also, before you move, ensure you have saved an amount that can sustain you for two months in that foreign land. It is also advisable that you have a return ticket in case you cannot cope with the financial state of things.

You will be afraid of getting hurt or robbed

When you go to a foreign country, one of the major fears you will have is not to be hurt or robbed. Since you are in a strange land, there are very few to nobody to trust in those areas. The implication is that you will be scared for your safety. Chances are that you would have researched on how safe the country and city are before visiting and you will read on how to stay safe in the city you are travelling to. For the purpose of your safety, instead of entering public transport, it is always a good option to hire a car service to transfer you from the airport. This way, you will meet minimal people on your way to the airport when you are still with all the property you came with and probably all the money you came with. At least during your other trips within the city, you will have to leave your property in your hotel room while moving around with only the money and items you need. Travel insurance can also contribute to keeping you safe. If you lose anything or fall ill, the travel insurance company is expected to be responsible for your treatment. Hence, to be completely safe in our journey, travel insurance should be the first step in our trip.

You will be afraid of not being able to blend in properly because of the language

If you are moving to a new place where a different language is spoken, relating with others and getting ahead can be quite daunting. Language is a means of communication that cannot be neglected. It is one of the ways you can quickly adapt to your new environment. To overcome this, try to join classes where you can learn the language of that land. It is also advisable that you learn some greetings and simple, everyday words in that language before you leave your home country.

You may be afraid of danger

More bad things happen every day and people all over the world are at risk. This risk and fear are more heightened when you are in a foreign environment. However, you do not need to be afraid. The whole world is not a scary place, and good people still exist too. Before you move abroad, be sure that it is safe for you. Also, keep away from dangerous and high-risk areas. Be friendly yet wise. Let your neighbours know where you are. You also do not want to gullibly fall into traps. Be careful in all you do and always watch your back.