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How to Make the Most of Your Staycation

A woman relaxing at the couchTraveling can take a lot out of you. If you have traveled far and packed a significant amount of luggage, you know what this means. It’s easy to forget about the planning, preparation, and hassle it takes to get to and from another place, especially when most of your friends seem to be posting photos of their dream vacations on social media. But sometimes, after you have returned home from traveling, you feel the need for a vacation to recover from your vacation.

Contrary to what exotic, out-of-the-country travel photos imply, usually, the most refreshing vacations are spent close to home. That way, you don’t need to endure air travel. Consider an official staycation to explore around you for a fraction of the cost and energy. And because of the pandemic, the most travel you may be allowed to have is just around the neighborhood.

Having a staycation doesn’t mean that your vacation plans suck. It’s as popular as ever, with many people opting to enjoy their time off at home and skip the hassle and high cost of having an out-of-town vacation – even during the pre-COVID times.

Here are some of the great ways you can make the most out of your staycation:

  1. Set up a picnic in your backyard.
    Get a cute basket and a checkered blanket. Then, serve some tasty finger foods like fruits, cheeses, crackers, and wine. Hold the picnic at your backyard for something new to do outside.
  2. Splurge at the grocery store.
    For now, the meaning of staycation is staying at home. Since most of us can’t eat out, splurge some food at home, learn how to cook your favorite dishes, and enjoy it like you’re eating at a restaurant.
  3. Take a tour of the world at your own home.
    One of the best memories we get from travel is trying out their local cuisines. Each night, try takeouts from different cuisines – Indian, Chinese, Korean, French, Caribbean, Italian – you name it. Search online for the best place within your area for each cuisine and try it for yourself.
  4. Learn a new cocktail.
    Restock your liquor cabinet and play bartender. Look for recipes you’ve never tried before – it’s fun to try something new. Or you may look up the recipe of the favorite drink you ordered during that memorable trip you had. It will be like drinking on vacation, minus the expense! It’s also a great way to practice so that the drinks at the next get-together you’ll host will be the life of the party.
  5. Learn how to cook new recipes.
    Gain a new skill by learning how to cook and prepare food you’ve never cooked before. A staycation is a blessing – you’re given the time and the opportunity to learn something new and improve your kitchen skills.
  6. Unplug.
    It’s easy to get hooked on Netflix and Hulu while on staycation and while on quarantine. It takes a whole lot of discipline to unplug, but it’s worth it. You will be amazed that you can quickly adapt to a world with fewer gadgets, and you’ll start to enjoy it. You’ll end up being more peaceful and productive.
  7. Split up room service responsibilities.
    One of the greatest things about going to a hotel for vacation is room service. The luxury of having someone bring you a tray of hot food and replace your sheets is a delight. If you’re taking a staycation with your partner or roommate, swap days to serve the other room service. You can relax and stretch out in bed while someone else prepares omelets and toast for you in the morning.
  8. Go camping in your own home.
    Set up a tent on your backyard and get a full camping experience by cooking by the fire or a portable barbeque. Sleep under the stars and go indoors only for bathroom breaks. You can camp out in your living room by building a fort if you don’t have a backyard or a tent. Elevate the experience with some s’mores over the stovetop, and sing camp songs with your family.
  9. Hold your own spa day.
    Make your bathroom extra-relaxing by transforming it into a luxurious spa using bubble bath, bath oils, and homemade facial treatments. Bring in some scented candles, relaxing music, and a refreshing glass of wine or champagne and let the worries fall away.
  10. Set up something new and pretty in your bedroom.
    A new candle, a vase of flowers, a new set of sheets – anything new can freshen up your bedroom and make it feel extra special. Buying something new can brighten up your mood. If nothing else, change your sheets and plump up the pillows.
  11. Have a movie night.
    Buy a portable projector and set it up on the wall. Have a Netflix marathon from your own couch or bed. Try something different from a genre you haven’t explored yet, or watch an all-time classic that you have not yet seen. Don’t forget to serve popcorn and some candies.
  12. Catch up on your reading.
    Check out your bookshelf and find some books you haven’t read or books you really want to take a second look into. Unplug so you won’t be distracted by technology, and let a whole new world carry you away for a while.
  13. Get crafty.
    Are you feeling artsy? Find new art activities and take the time to finish it. Display your creation around the house as a new décor. You may also take advantage of having extra hands around the house to work on a home repair project.
  14. Be a hometown tourist.
    The most obvious thing to do on a staycation is to roam around your home town and check out the hotspots you usually don’t have time to enjoy. For sure, there are attractions of your city where you’ve lived in for a while and thought that you’d get around to it sometime. When it’s safe to go out, it’s time to visit them before you revisit your canceled travel plans in a faraway place.

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