How to get to Kraków from Balice?

The Airport in Balice sees more and more tourists each year. Many of them are travelling to Kraków and have some rented accommodation in the city, so one of their first questions after they book their flight is how to reach the city centre. There are a few fast and convenient opportunities. We would like to to you the most important options.

Fast railway line

The airport is connected to the Main Railway Station in Kraków. You can use the fast line that travels between the two destinations. It takes 18 minutes to reach the railway station from the airport and this is a fairly reliable estimate, because the train doesn’t get help up in traffic jams. It’s a recommended option for those who have booked accommodation near the station or along the route. From Balice you can travel to Kraków, but also to Wieliczka, once you pass through the south parts of the city. The major advantages of this solution include fast travelling time and an affordable price (ca. 12 PLN per person), but in this case you’re bound by the schedule. The trains runs once an hour, and only during the day, from 5 Am to 11 PM. If you’re planning to arrive at night, you won’t be able to use this option.

Public bus transport

An alternative to travelling by train is public bus transport managed by the official service provider in Kraków. You can choose between two bus lines that run during the day (208 and 252) or pick the night line – 902. Depending on which line you choose, the bus runs once or twice an hour and since the two lines run along different routes, you can pick the one that will take you closer to you accommodation. That’s how you can cheaply reach the centre of Kraków. Unfortunately, one disadvantage of travelling by bus is the long wait and having to look for a next line to get closer to your accommodation, which may unduly extend your journey.

Airport transfers

Another way to reach Kraków from Balice is the airport transfer. This option is offered by providers such as MrShuttle. Passenger cars and mini vans will pick you up from the airport at a scheduled time, whether during the day or at night, and take you straight to the place where you booked your overnight stay. This option offers the shortest possible travelling time. What is more, you will reach the doorstep of your hotel, whether it’s in the city centre or further away. The cost of such transport may be slightly higher than public transport, but lower than a taxi and just as comfortable.