How to choose the perfect tummy tuck doctor


Not every surgeon is qualified to operate on you, as much as they may think they are, it is better to be safe than sorry, seeing as it is your own body, your own skin. Having this in mind, we have listed Four things to consider when picking a surgeon. Also, see here for the best tummy tuck doctors near me.

1. Make sure he/she is qualified

You’d think it’d be simple to look up your surgeon’s credentials. Regrettably, this is not always the case. Did you know, for starters, that there is a substantial difference between a cosmetic surgeon and a plastic surgeon? Not all cosmetic surgeons are plastic surgeons, and not all plastic surgeons are cosmetic surgeons. To put it plainly, you must complete an extra 8-10 years of postgraduate surgical training to become a certified plastic surgeon. The first half of all these years is dedicated to surgical training, while the second half is dedicated to specialist Plastic and Reconstructive surgery training. A cosmetic surgeon, on the other hand, requires a rudimentary medical degree –and no extra or dedicated training.

2. Look up the surgeon’s experience

Has your surgeon ever done tummy tuck surgery? Did they do a decent job, more importantly? Fortunately, it’s now very simple to see for yourself – you have such a variety of choices for checking out your surgeon’s professional experience: Suggestions, Case reports, and Feedback Photos of the before and after Inquire about previous tummy tuck procedures as well as their professional experience all through your initial consultations; this will reveal a lot of what they can do for you. And, if at all necessary, request pictures – hardly anything beats seeing all the results with your own eyes!

3. Find a tummy tuck specialist

Not all surgeons are experts in all forms of procedures. Breast surgery, stomach tucks (or mummy makeovers), and body cancer treatment are likely to be among their specialties. It’s critical to choose a plastic surgeon who specializes in body surgery if you’ve decided on abdominoplasty. It not only ensures that the operation goes off without a hitch, but it also allows them to more accurately determine the type of tummy tuck you need. Whatever the case may be, a plastic surgeon who specializes in tummy tuck procedures may assist you in determining whatever you need.

4. Select a surgeon who is experienced and understands why it’s important

Trust is a must for every relationship between the patient and the surgeon. And confidence is established through a healthy relationship, where your surgeon is upfront, truthful, accommodating, and professional. Once you’re comfortable with your surgeon, interaction and fairness between both of you are straightforward. You ought to be willing to state all your issues/doubts without inhibition, and your surgeon will be capable of answering them one after the other. Your surgeon should also be frank and practical. Every surgery carries risks – and if your surgeon dances around the subject of guaranteed outcomes, I recommend seeking another one.

In conclusion, pick a plastic surgeon who knows they are doing, research and ask for recommendations from friends and family in order to get the best out of your surgery.