Here’s what to do if your flight is delayed or canceled

Traveling is fun, but it may ruin your trip when your flight is delayed or canceled. You may miss a connection, a game, or another critical event.

Flight delays and cancellations are unfortunately a part of the reality of travel. Still, the flight cancellations that occurred worldwide during the recent holiday season brought things to a whole new level of absurdity and chaos. Flight delays and cancellations can be caused by various factors, including inclement weather, a shortage of airline workers and crew, and technical faults.

Since the pandemic outbreak began, one of the most often asked questions by passengers has been, “what do I do if my flight is canceled?” Following that, we’ll go through the essential things in this article if you find yourself in that circumstance and what your airline can give you as flight delay compensation.

What to do if your flight is delayed or canceled?

Here are the most important things to do :

Inquire about a hotel or food coupon.

You may be able to snag coupons for complimentary meals or a hotel room instead of having to sleep on a chair overnight if the delay is caused by a mechanical or staffing problem. It is not certain that you will get one in the event of a weather-related delay, but it is always worth requesting one.

Speak with a representative from the airline.

If you discover that your flight has been canceled or delayed, contact the airline to answer any queries you may have. The airline will have the most current information regarding your alternatives and whether or not the airline would compensate you for delays or cancellations in the form of flight delay compensation.

Either walk up to the agent stationed at the departure gate of your airline or call the carrier’s contact number.

Determine what transpired with your connecting flight.

If you have a connecting flight, make sure to inquire about it. If you cannot make it to your connecting flight on time, airline agents may be able to help you relocate. These services are not always provided automatically.

Confirm that your travel insurance policy is valid.

If you have acquired travel insurance, you should seek assistance from your supplier. When your flight is late for many hours, you may be eligible for compensation (often five hours or more).

This can assist you in covering the costs of hotels, meals, and local transportation while you are unable to leave your home. During an unexpected flight cancellation, your travel insurance coverage may even include travel assistance services to aid you in booking a new flight.

Purchase a Lounge Access Pass.

Consider obtaining a lounge pass if you anticipate being at the airport for an extended period due to delays. Lounges are private, segregated rooms reserved exclusively for travelers, and they frequently provide a more comfortable waiting environment for passengers.

The amenities offered in lounges are often comfortable seating, a calm area, and easier access to customer support staff. Some night clubs have meeting rooms, Wi-Fi access, refreshments, drinks, magazines, and baths.

Airports may have both airline lounges and pay-per-use lounges available to passengers. If you have a membership to a lounge, look for the one authorized by your airline. In addition, you can pay a one-time fee to use the lounge’s facilities. Even though they are typically more expensive, the quiet area may be helpful during long layovers or delays.

What If Your Flight Is Cancelled?

The airline will usually provide you with a replacement flight if your flight is canceled unexpectedly or you choose to cancel due to delays. The ticket usually is valid for one year and can be rebooked to the same destination and cabin class.

Your airline’s cancellation policy may be published right on the travel updates page. To learn more about travel notifications, go to the American Airlines website.

It’s important to note that some airlines don’t allow changes or cancellations for Basic Except when a flight is canceled unexpectedly.


Don’t Worry! The plane will not be ready for takeoff if you panic. Please be courteous whenever you need to contact an airline agent, whether in person or by phone.

It’s courteous to ask for a voucher or refund, but don’t be shy about it. Significant airline delays usually cover food, transportation, and an overnight hotel stay. If you file a complaint with the appropriate parties, your journey will be less stressful.