A Guide To Bangkok BRT (Bus Rapid Transit)


Not many people seem to know about Bangkok’s BRT line, but we’ve used it a few times, as there are a some attractions along the route that are worth seeing. BRT stands for Bus Rapid Transit, and there is just one route – running from Sathorn to Ratchapruek. The first and last stations connect to BTS Silom Line. Sathorn connects to Chong Nonsi and Ratchapruek connects to Talat Phlu.

For most of the route, the BRT runs along a dedicated lane, so you won’t get stuck in traffic. It’s mostly used by locals, and it’s quite rare to see any tourists on the bus. There are 12 stations along the route, with all station having raised platforms to get on and off the bus.

Sathorn station (shown above) connects to Chong Nonsi BTS (skytrain) station via a covered walkway. Just buy your ticket at the station entrance.

All the stations have ticket machines, with the cost being a flat rate of 15 baht ($0.45). Despite the flat rate fare, you still need to choose your destination on the machine. More BRT routes were originally planned, so I assume they designed the machines with this is mind. However, only one route was built, and there were even plans to close that down earlier this year, as the system runs at a loss. There was a bit of an outcry, so it was decided to keep it open Fares increased from 5 to 15 baht.

The buses are modern, have aircon and also have screens showing the route and the next station. The display is in both Thai and English, so it’s easy to get off at the right stop.

Bangkok BRT Stations

There are 12 stations on the route, as follows:

B1 – Sathorn

Connects to Chong Nonsi BTS station

B2 – Akhan Songkhro

B3 – Technic Krungthep

Get off here for one of our favorite 24-7 cafes in Bangkok, Think Tank

B4 – Thanon Chan

B5 – Nararam 3

Get off here for Central Rama 3 Shopping Mall

B6 – Wat Dan

There are two vegetarian and vegan restaurants right next to this station. One is Indian and the other Thai. There is also a HP Service Center about a 2-minute walk from the station.

B7 – Wat Pariwat

Get off here for the David Beckham Temple

B8 – Wat Dokmai

B9 – Rama IX Bridge

Get off here for the excellent Loving Hut vegan restaurant. We’ll review this soon.

B10 – Charoenrat

Get off here for the Tree On 3 shopping mall. There are quite a few restaurants here, plus a huge Starbucks and a Cafe Amazon. About 300 meters away on the river is Ban Klang Nam 1, a popular riverside restaurant that has a large wooden terrace. It specializes in Thai and Chines seafood. This is also the nearest BRT stop to Tien Sin Soi Pradu vegan restaurant.

The above photo is taken from Charoenrat station.

The food court at Tree On 3 is very good, with a an excellent selection of dishes to choose from. It’s a clean and modern food court. Above you can see the vegan food stall. For more on this, see Vegan Food at Tree On 3 Shopping Mall.

B11 – Rama III Bridge

B12 – Ratchapruek

Connects to Talat Phlu BTS station


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