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Great Ideas for a Fun Staycation

Everyone loves a fantastic vacation, but sometimes you don’t have the funds to do it. And also, things happen in the world that can prevent you from traveling, like a once-in-a-lifetime flu pandemic. During these times, your option is to have a staycation in your home and treat yourself right. These fun staycation ideas will help you live your best life even when you’re not traveling:

1. Have an at-home spa day.

Relaxing spa vacations are glamorous, but you can replicate one at your home for a wonderful staycation. This way, the spa also becomes so much more affordable. To get the most bang for your buck, grab a few face masks and some mani-pedi supplies. Give yourself a facial, a hand mask, a foot soak, or a hair treatment. Draw yourself a simple aromatherapy bubble bath by using essential oils with scents you like. Set the mood with ambient lighting and some calming music. You can put on a diffuser  or light a candle  for a relaxing atmosphere.

2. Go camping in your own backyard.

Even when you can’t get away for a trip to the wilderness, there’s no stopping you from enjoying the outdoors right in your backyard. Take out the camping gear from your garage and pitch a tent . Pack your drinks in thermoses and put your bags in Ziploc bags. Go and make s’mores. Bring some sleeping bags and blankets, and arm yourself with ghost stories. Tell them some spooky stories with a flashlight to keep your little ones past their bedtimes. Camping out in your own backyard is a fun way to connect with your family and loved ones.

3. Enjoy movie night, or host your own film festival.

A staycation gives you a spectacular opportunity to binge-watch movies. Hold a movie night at home by picking a theme like Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and more. The possibilities are endless. Pop on some popcorn and lay in a variety of movie snacks.

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4. Hold a yoga retreat at home.

Recreate some parts of your lush yoga retreats in glamorous locations without leaving home. Unroll your yoga mat  in the living room, try out some online yoga tutorial videos, and enjoy. Infuse some ice water with citrus and cucumber slices. Turn on your aromatherapy diffuser and be relaxed with the scents.

5. Bring vacation destinations at home.

Why not bring elements of your favorite travel destination to your home? Here are some staycation destination ideas:

Italy theme

Serve your favorite pasta, drink Italian wine, serve tiramisu for dessert, and watch your favorite movie set in Italy’s beautiful country.

Mexican theme

Whip up some margaritas, make some tacos and quesadillas, serve chips and guacamole, and bring in your cactus as a centerpiece. Play some lively mariachi music as you dine.

Hawaiian theme

Serve Hawaiian pizza, drink fruity cocktails with umbrellas on the glass, wear Hawaiian leis, and dance the hula.

French theme

Drink French wine, eat cheese and baguettes, and enjoy some macarons or chocolate eclairs for dessert. Watch your favorite French-inspired film together.

Disney theme

Pick a Disney move to set as a theme. Have your kids dress like the Disney characters (this may mean taking out old Halloween costumes), and let them role-play. Serve Disney-inspired food and desert, and play the movie’s soundtrack.

6. Have a wine tasting at home.

If you can’t go on a tour to the winery, host your own wine tasting at home. Taste some new wines you haven’t tasted along with your favorites, and serve snacks such as cheese, cold cuts, fruits, olives, pretzels, or nuts. Try using a wine aerator  to help wine taste better. It’s a great way to make a cheap bottle of wine taste expensive.

7. Bake with your family.

Baking is a great bonding activity to do with the kids. Plan some things to bake, like cakes, cookies, and pastries, and help each other out. Once the baked goods are ready, everyone will get excited to taste it since it’s your labor of love together.

8. Throw a pool party at home.

If you have a pool – even an inflatable one – throw a pool party with the family. Grill some barbeque and serve fruity drinks with umbrellas. Nothing screams staycation like taking a dip at the pool while the smell of burgers and hotdogs on the grill fills the air. Turn the party music on and play some pool games.

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9. Make some art with your kids.

Get your hands dirty by doing some crafts with your kids. Get some art supplies and let them create art that they want to do. Painting is especially a fun activity to do together. Buy an acrylic paint kit and unleash your creativity while spending quality time with family.

10. Hold a puzzle day.

If you have kids at home, have them hooked in doing jigsaw puzzles. Make it a family activity and serve some tasty snacks for everyone to enjoy. Doing jigsaw puzzles are helpful in improving short-term memory, and it’s also a great stress-reliever.

11. Have a board game day with the whole family.

If board games make you think of the long and tiring game of Monopoly, it’s time to try out new board games. There are so many board games you can buy today that are perfect for families, couples, and friends. Make it fun by hosting a game tournament one weekend. Try playing classic board games like Scrabble , Clue , Risk , Battleship , Uno , Chess , and Backgammon.
If you’re looking for modern board games, check out Cards Against Humanity , Apples to Apples , Wits & Wagers , and Telestrations .

12. Indulge in a reading binge.

If you’re staycationing alone, an armchair journey with great reads is perfect for you. First, set up a reading list and prepare the books. Then, create an ideal, comfy setting. Prepare your most comfortable chair, making sure that you’ll have all the light you need. You can place it near the window at day, and continue it at night in the bed next to your nightlight. Get your throw beside you to make you warm when it gets chilly, and prepare a tall glass of your beverage of choice. Place it in your travel mug or thermos if you like to keep it warm or cool. Keep a dictionary by your side for words you don’t understand, and a pen and paper for jotting down phrases that amazed you or touched you.

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