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Great Cafes In Surin

For a fairly small town, Surin has an usually large selection of cafes. The following are just a small selection, but we’ll add to this list the next time we visit Surin. If you’re planning to visit Surin, click here to book a room at Maneerote Hotel.

Cafe Duck

Cafe Duck, Surin

Cafe Duck is our favorite cafe in Surin. It’s a locally owned chain of cafes that now has branches all around Isaan (northeast Thailand). We know of five branches in Surin, with the one on Krungsri Nork being our favorite. It’s a small cafe that has an aircon room and also an open section to the shop.

Great Coffee At Cafe Duck, Surin

Cafe Duck is one of the few places that also serves a green tea chaser with the coffee. An American costs just 30 baht ($1).

Cafe Duck Details


  1. Krungsri Nork Road (near junction with Thetsaban 3 Road)
  2. Thetsaban 3 Road (near junction with Krungsri Nork Road) – These two are quite close together
  3. Jitrbumrung Road (near Surin Phakdi)
  4. Salak Dai (near Robinsons)
  5. Road 24 (On way out of Surin towards Prasat)

Opening Hours: Sun-Sat 07:00-18:00

Americano: 30 baht ($1)

Kaffe Italia

Kaffe Italia, Surin

Kaffe Italia is another favorite of ours, and we’ve been visiting this place for many years.

Outside Seating At Kaffe Italia, Surin

What we love about this place, apart from the coffee, is the outside seating area. It’s shaded from the sun, has ceiling fans, and is also surrounded by lots of trees and bushes. It’s a quite relaxing atmosphere.

Coffee (With Tea Chaser) At Kaffe Italia, Surin

If you need aircon, you’ll be glad to know that there is plenty of indoor seating as well. Like a few places in Surin, Kaffe Italia gives you a tea chaser with your coffee.

Kaffe Italia Details

Location: Suriyakan Road (on right hand side if you’re walking from city center)

Opening Hours: Sun-Sat 08:00-20:00

Americano: 49 baht ($1.40)

Kid Teung Bakery & Cafe

Kid Teung Bakery & Cafe, Surin

This is a great cafe and bakery that’s pretty popular. Most seating used to be in a covered outdoor area, but this has recently been enlarged and renovated, and is now enclosed and includes aircon.

Kid Teung Bakery & Cafe, Surin

Kid Teung is right next to the new Elephant Knowledge Park that is due to open soon. You can see part of it in the background. As well as an elephant museum, there will also be a small shopping mall and boutique hotel.

If you leave the train station, walk straight ahead and then turn left into Thanon Sanit Nikomrut, you’ll see Kid Teung on your right. Just look for the elephants at the entrance.

Kid Teung Bakery & Cafe Details

Location: Thanon Sanit Nikomrut (a 2-minute walk from the train station)

Opening Hours: Sun-Sat 07:00-20:00

Americano: 40 baht ($1.15)

Muang Chaang Coffee

Muang Chaang Coffee, Surin

Muang Chaang Coffee is part of Maneerote Hotel. It’s a nice cafe that serves a range of Thai and Western food at reasonable prices. It’s also open until quite late.

Muang Chang Coffee, Surin

Muang Chaang Coffee Details

Location: Maneerote Hotel, Poy Tang Ko Alley (off Luck Muang Road)

Opening Hours: Sun-Sat 06:00-22:00

Americano: 40 baht ($1.15)

Where To Stay In Surin

Maneerote Hotel, Surin

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