Glamping and What to Expect from an Uluru Resort

Glamping and The Uluru Resort – What’s All the Fuss About

There are many ways to celebrate a country that you visit as a tourist, and many people often choose to go the traditional route of booking into a hotel or bed and breakfast and touring around the city. But have you ever thought of adding something different to your trip the next time you plan it? If not, this article will indulge you with two great ideas for different personalities, and a place to go to that includes the most celebrated luxury camp destination – an Uluru Resort.

There are two things that anyone keen on visiting this part of the world needs to look into, the first one i.e. Outdoor ‘Glamping’ or luxury camping, and the second one is indoor luxury resorts. If there is any place to do this, it is here. We look at both below, so you can choose.

The Location – The Kata Tjuṯa or Olgas

We start our journey with a specific location of interest – The Kata Tjuṯa also known as ‘many heads’ or ‘Olgas’, is the name given to it by the aboriginal people of Australia describes a magnificent natural landscape held within the confines of Alice Springs, which is the south-west part of Australia. To most tourists, this is known as Ayers Rock and it covers an area of 21.68 km2.

There have been numerous movies filmed at this spot, including the popular Crocodile Dundee series, due to the surrounding national park and the magnificence of the rocks themselves. If you’re interested in seeing what it looks like in real life, this website has a list of all the movies that have been shot at this spot.

Uluru is Australia’s best-known area which offers some of the most luxurious and comfortable settings for any visitor or resident. We look at Glamping first and then resorts.

The First Choice of Accommodation – Outdoors, What Is Luxury Camping

The First Choice of Accommodation – Outdoors, What Is Luxury Camping?

You may know this idea from the term ‘glamping’, and there are many places in Australia that entertain the idea, which has become a very popular trend. Glamping, unlike traditional camping, can be done by almost everyone young and old, dogs or cats and families or couples.

It is the modern-day version of the camping that most of us are used to when we take all our camping goods with us to an open camping site, set up a tent, open a can of beans and start a fire to sing ‘kumbaya’ all night long or tell ghost stories with the kids.

This idea has drastically evolved to a much more comfortable idea, which does not involve taking your tent and you don’t need to eat out of cans but rather get a buffet of exquisite meals delivered to you inside your ready-made tent. Who wouldn’t want that? But if you’re not a fan of the outdoors, don’t forget your bug spray or you probably should look at our other option of the indoor resort, also in the same area.

Even though the idea has been around for a long time some say since the 1500s: it seems that it is only in the 20th Century that it started becoming famous. Glamping offers you an outdoor experience that comes close, to living in a resort, but not quite the amenities of one.

The Second Choice of Accommodation – Indoors, a Luxury Resort

Housing one of the world’s richest heritage sites, Uluru or Ayers Rock, is known as the ‘Red Centre’ and is the typical Australian outback that you see in Western cowboy movies.  This wilderness may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but once you’re there is does become a very popular destination for just about anyone looking to get out from the city center, cars, buildings, and pollution.

An iconic place for many tourists and holiday goers, this rich destination offers visitors many activities to partake in, such as leisure walks up to the Kata Tjuta and Walpa Gorge. An early morning adventure waiting for all to experience, this world heritage site has 36 large rock domes, amid a desert landscape and can be climbed to get a better view of the surroundings.

Learn all about the history and geology of this location and feed your imagination with the sacred stories of the local aboriginal people also called the ‘the Olgas’ and their stories are called ‘Tjukurpa’. These activities do require one goes with a hat, sunglasses, and sturdy walking shoes. You can take your camera and backpack with you as well, and don’t forget to carry enough water with you too.

When looking for an Uluru resort, the best way is to check for options and reviews online. Once you’ve booked into one of the many options, you can leave all your belonging in your room, and take only what you need to lighten the weight. Besides this, you will be welcomed to a mouth-watering dinner and some precious sparkling wine when you get back to the resort after your exploration walks.

When at the luxury resorts, you can even lounge outside, to see the sunset, and when the weather gets a bit nippy because this region does get cold at night, you can take yourself back inside into a warm and cozy room, have a warm bubble bath and treat yourself and your partner or family to some room service for some hot cocoa. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Why not indulge in their signature outdoor dining experience? A favorite for many lodgers. Living inside one of these luxury resorts offers residents an option of many things that include some of their signature services and tours, each one tailored to different needs.

There is usually an array of activities offered by the hosts for both kids and adults, to keep you busy your entire trip or if you prefer a more relaxing trip which includes an evening t the Spa, whatever you choose.

Don’t forget to check out their holiday packages as well, you may just hit a bargain and get to surprise your friends with this unusual wild adventure that will add some exhilarating experiences to living life in the ‘outback’.

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