Furniture Maintenance: Tips You Should Know About


Not many people are aware that furniture needs maintenance. And this doesn’t only mean cleaning the cushions or repainting the woodwork. Furniture maintenance goes beyond that, it also involves how you handle the chairs and tables in your house or office. The aim here is to ensure that the furniture you are using stays for as long as you need it to.

Today we will be looking at some important furniture maintenance tips that should help you keep your furniture looking good at all times for as long as possible. If you are planning to buy furniture anytime soon then you are in the right place. We are proud to have the most comprehensive professional antique furniture restoration sydney.

Handle with Care

Furniture maintenance begins from the moment you bring your furniture home or furnish your office. You need to use chairs and tables the right way. For instance, you can’t keep standing on the tables or chairs as they are not designed to handle that kind of weight. You shouldn’t frag them across the floor either and that may spoil their base. Some furniture manufacturers, like the table chair company Keekea, often give clear instructions on how to best use the furniture you buy from them, always heed such advice.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Most wood furniture cannot withstand direct sunlight for very much longer. Exposing your beautiful sofa to the sun for very long will bleach the fabric and make it look very old. The same would happen to the wooden framework if it is exposed to elements like rain or dust. Keep your precious furniture indoors for as long as you can to ensure it stays with you for a much longer period.

Keep Things Clean

Keeping things clean at all times is another good recipe for healthy and long-lasting furniture. This ranges from cleaning the upholstery to get rid of dirt, dust, and bad odors to cleaning and repainting wood every few years. It is these kinds of small maintenance activities that ensure the wood remains durable so that you can reduce your trips to the repair shop. Whether you have your furniture importation and sourcing in China or whether you get them from the carpenter next door, always maintain cleanliness when it comes to your furniture at all times.

Treat Wear and Tear

Never ignore tears in your furniture upholstery because eventually, they grow big enough to destroy everything else. The moment you notice a tear or evidence of wear, then quickly deal with it before things get worse. This is very important when you are a parent with active kids in the house. Leather furniture is very tricky to handle because of this. If you are unable to handle the job on your own, make sure you hire a professional who will take care of things for you and restore your furniture.

Keep the Wood Smelling Fresh

By keeping the wood fresh, we don’t mean you buy perfume cardboard boxes wholesale and spray your furniture. Not at all. You can keep the wood smelling fresh by applying special oils that keep kites and other small insects away. If you can’t buy these oils, there are homemade remedies like baking soda that you can sprinkle on the sofa and add some charcoal in the crevices to absorb all the foul smells. Keeping the room well aerated is another way of ensuring your sofas are smelling nice all through.

Keep Your Pets in Line

Some pets can be bad for your furniture, especially cats and dogs. Cats are known to scratch everything around them with their sharp claws and if you have furniture made of leather, this could quickly end badly for you as these scratches cannot be hidden and they may even tear the entire thing up. Dogs are serious chewers that can destroy wooden parts and upholstery. If you can do without pets the better for you, otherwise you can train them to avoid the furniture.

Call Professionals

You cannot handle everything on your own unless you have to experience making furniture yourself. It is always advisable to call in experts once in a while so they can check out the entire furniture for any issues that may escape your attention. This will cost you some money but in the long run, you will get a proper diagnosis of what could be wrong with your chairs. It is a worthy investment that you should be doing every 6 months.


Just like everything else in the house, furniture needs to be taken care of as regularly as possible if you are to get the most out of them. When buying furniture for your office or house, think of the maintenance needs and ask yourself if you are ready to handle that level of responsibility. If you are the type that never gets any time for cleaning, then go for something simple like plastic chairs.


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