Funny & Weird Signs From Around Thailand

If you travel around Thailand you’ll see lots of amusing,, funny and weird signs. Here’s a selection of what we’ve seen as we’ve traveled around. We’ll keep adding to this post as we find more.

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No Grenades Or Balloons Allowed

This list of prohibited items is pretty amusing and also pretty scary in some ways. It shows that no hand grenades or guns are allowed, but I wonder why people need to be told not to carry hand grenades. I love durian, so it’s sad that you are not allowed to carry it on any public transport in Bangkok. But balloons? I’ve no idea why there aren’t allowed. Maybe balloons bursting could frighten some people? Who knows.

No Sex, No Durian, No Guns, No Alcohol

Most taxis in Bangkok have signs like the one above. It makes me wonder what some people might get up to in taxis if they weren’t warned not to. As with the BTS, no durian allowed. But do we need to be told not to have sex in the back of a taxi?

No Wreaths

I have never seen a sign saying that no wreaths are allowed, and can’t think why they wouldn’t be, except that maybe it’s considered unlucky. But I also can’t imagine anyone taking a wreath to a restaurant either, so the sign seems a bit pointless.

Department Of Rural Roads

What’s so amusing about this Department of Rural Roads sign you may rightly wonder. Well, it’s fixed to a bridge crossing the Chao Phraya River right in the middle of Bangkok. This can’t be called a rural road by any stretch of the imagination. There is also another of these signs on Charoenkrung Road. I can only assume this dates back to the days when these really were rural roads, and the relevant departments are still in charge.

For You Residence – Spot The Mistake

Can you spot the mistake? We watched them building this hotel extension, and then they finally put up the hotel name. English wasn’t the first language of he workers, so how were they to know which way around the letter “n” should be? It was corrected by the next day. You can actually spend the night here – see For You Residence.

T I T Tower

I saw this advert for a new condo building on the side on a songthaew. Funny name for a condo.

Bangkok Toilet Signs

We spotted these signs at a cafe in Silom. Even if you can’t read English, you’ll know which toilet to use. LOL.

Winter Sale

If you’ve ever been to Bangkok you’ll know it’s always hot. It’s rare for daytime temperatures to drop below 30C, while nighttime lows are usually above 25C. So what’s this sign all about? A winter sale in Bangkok? Surely not.

The Latest Fashion Brand – Potato Chips

Apparently, Potato Chips is a fashion brand. Weird.

Batman Discotheque

I had no idea what this was, but when I did some research I found that there was indeed a Batman Discotheque. It has now shut down and been abandoned. See photos of abandoned Batman Discotheque.

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