Fun Things to Do While Waiting for Your Flight


Going to the airport earlier than your flight is needed when going abroad or other places that require air travel. It’s because you need extra time to process all the requirements needed before boarding the plane. However, there are times that you arrive way too early for your flight, or sometimes, your flight gets delayed. If you travel often, then you’ve likely experienced a flight delay or arriving too early. Aside from these, a long airport stopover is also often unavoidable when traveling internationally.

If you will be traveling soon and worry about waiting for hours at the airport for your flight, then it’s helpful if you have things to do to save you from boredom. To keep the departure lounge from driving you to despair, here are some of the fun things you can do while waiting for your flight. 

woman in an airport sitting on her luggage

Go Shopping or Window Shopping

One of the fun things you can do while waiting for your flight is to go around the airport and visit various stalls. You can either go shopping if you find something you like to buy, or window shop if you’re just curious about what airport stores offer. Most of the time, items sold at the airport are overpriced. But if you are heading home from traveling, you can also do some last-minute shopping for presents, souvenirs, and snacks. You can also ensure that you smell great for your flight by trying some perfumes on sale in the Duty-Free store. 

many people in an airport

Take Pictures

If you are into photography, airports are one of the awesome places where you can take photos. You can take pictures of aircraft and other cool spots around the airport for free. When you are traveling with friends and family, you can take the opportunity to take photos with one another as you wait for your flight. This is great, especially if it’s your first time at that airport. 

Take a Look Around

When you get tired from walking around the airport and window shopping, you can sit on one spot and take a look around. While waiting for your flight, you can relax and observe the things happening around you. When you do this, you’ll be able to notice small things, like how people dress, the kind of bags and luggage they carry, and more, which can also give you ideas the next time you travel. 

Play Games on Your Phone

When traveling, having games on your phone or tablet can also be useful, especially when you’ll be spending a lot of time waiting at the airport. There are lots of games that you can play on your phone that you can download for free. Or, if the airport offers free Wi-Fi, you can use that to play online casino games. Yes, you can play casino games on your smartphone or tablet by visiting online casino sites like THUNDERBOLT CASINO BONUSES. They offer fun casino games that you can play for hours, which can also give you a chance to win real money. 

Read a Book

Many people also bring their favorite books with them when they travel. This is great, especially for those who are often busy with their daily routines, which deprives them of having a leisurely read. If you have a book you want to read, then taking it with you to the airport is great. If you don’t have a book, you can also download e-books to your phone or tablet. Waiting at the airport is also a chance to try audiobooks if you can’t focus on reading in a busy environment. 

Check Out Airport Lounge Access

inside the airport lounge

Some airports offer day access to their lounges, where you can relax and enjoy some of their amenities. Most of the time, these accesses are for regular flyers or those who have an airline’s elite travel status. There are also times when you can get them as a benefit from certain credit cards. Some of the amenities that you can enjoy in airport lounges are premium food and snacks, modern shower facilities, fully stocked bars, and more, which are great while waiting for your flight. 

Talk to People

An airport is a small place where you can meet new people of many different nationalities. Starting a conversation with them will enable you to learn more about their country and community. Most people don’t mind you talking to them because they are probably bored of waiting, too. You might earn a new friend at the airport, and the information you can get from them might come in handy for your next travel.

Explore the City

If you are on a stopover to an interesting place or country and you have enough time before your flight, then you can explore the city to pass the time. You can grab a guide from the airport and start exploring. Just remember to bring your passport and some local currency with you, and allow lots of time to get back to the airport for your flight. 


Sleeping is the best thing you can do if you are too tired to go around or do anything as you wait for your flight. You can put on your earphones to avoid being disturbed, and as well as your hood to keep people from seeing you sleeping. Also, don’t forget to set the alarm so you won’t miss your flight. 

These are some of the fun things you can do at the airport while waiting for your flight. Waiting for hours at the airport can truly be frustrating, especially when you are tired. But with these things we shared, you can turn that boring time into some fun. We hope these tips will help you find ways to prevent boredom as you wait for your flight.