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Five most essential tips for making great intros and outros

Five most essential tips for making great intros and outros

An introduction and conclusion to almost everything in this world are crucial. These two sections help in the building of a strong base in the beginning and proper statement befitting the content at the end. It is the same for videos. Though some think that intros and outros are unnecessary- professionals believe that these sections are a must for giving the video a touch of class. In this article on five tips for making great intros and outros, will help you do away with openings that are unclear and abrupt endings. A carefully branded intro and outro will evoke a positive response for your product and service. It should not be complicated or confusing.

On the contrary, these sections should be designed and properly planned so that all your hard work pays off.

Five most essential tips for making great intros and outros

The attention span of adults previously was around 12 seconds. Now, the span has decreased to about 8 seconds, which means that there are only 7-seconds to impress and create a bond with the target audience. This is a challenge, indeed, and attention needs to be grabbed, and therefore a great intro is a must. You can use the Youtube video intro maker or use InVideo to create videos on your own. Not much skill is required, but the process of video creation becomes easy, and the result is awesome.

Here are some essential points to remember:


You can select a mono-color animation or one with visual effects. The goal is to impress the target audience. You can choose a simple animation that would be a combination of text and your logo. It can also be a colorful one which does create a more significant impact than the simple version. However, the colorful version would give the intros and outros a professional feel.  You can find various online tools that you can select from. Some are free, while others are paid- you need to choose according to your needs. In today’s world, you need not hire a specialist or a video editor for creating the intros, outros, and the entire video. You can take the help of video templates, logo animations and intro/outro makers, and templates. Without having to wait, you will have your intro/outro in minutes.

Sound effects and music

Once you have decided on the kind of animation you need for your intro/outro, it is time to add a few special effects to make the video better and more impressive. Inserting some rhythm, music, and sound effects will surely make the video better. It should be consistent and match the theme of the video. In this scenario, you can use the Youtube video maker for combining the visual and the sound effects for an excellent effect. 


The intro should lead towards the main content of the video. Remember to focus on the main idea, and therefore, it needs to be short, crisp, and objective. It should connect with the audience, as well. Remember that Netflix has devised a tool to skip the intro sequences. So, the intro should be fitting enough and lead to the content. The audience should not feel the need to skip this part. 

End screen-

The conclusion or the outro is as essential as the intro. It is an excellent opportunity for reinforcing ideas, creating calls to action (CTA) and cross-link with other pages or videos on your website. Those who have reached the outro of your video are much more engaged with your video content than they were at the beginning of the video.

Visual identity-

The aim should be to create a visual identity of your business, and therefore, the intro should be kept simple. It is okay not to know about any design or scheme and start with just the name and logo of your company. You are also free to experiment by adding small personal touches. Whatever you do, you should be able to introduce the business in a pleasant, engaging, and objective manner. 

Why is it critical to make great intros and outros?

A significant reason why videos are becoming a popular component in any marketing strategy is because of the visual impact that it has on the minds of the end-user. Videos are an impactful method that is now being used by all organizations to sell products and services, along with creating a niche for themselves. When video content is engaging, an immediate connection is set up with the end-user. It just takes a couple of seconds to endear a particular brand with the customer. It is here that the intro plays a vital role. It hooks the client, and the rest of the video drives the point home. Another reason why video marketing is being adopted is that the click-through and conversion rates increase by leaps and bounds. 

Marketing strategy is strengthened once the audience has watched the video and takes the call for action. It means that the video has been useful in creating the desired impact, and they are buying whatever you are selling. A lot of time is saved as well as you can give the demo in this video. 

Android video editors can be used for making excellent and attractive intros and outros, but the above pointers need to be kept in mind so that the intros excite the customer and keep him/her riveted to the product. 

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