Find Maternity Clothing and Accessories for Every Trimester

Preparing to welcome a new life into the world is a big responsibility.

And with big responsibility requires a whole new wardrobe to support just that! With each trimester you will be experiencing not only emotional changes within but equally physical changes. Thankfully, there are incredible maternity wear companies like Hatch who have thoughtfully created maternity clothes to support each and every stage of pregnancy—including after you give birth to your beautiful new baby!

While many women can feel overwhelmed about the new challenges, responsibilities and bodily changes that take place, finding maternity clothes and accessories for every trimester is certainly not one of those.

In fact, feeling cute and comfortable for the next nine months is as simple as a few simple clicks of a button online. There is a whole wide world of maternity clothes online that have been curated and organized into collections for each trimester you are preparing for. And there is even the option to do a one-stop shop and get all the maternity clothes and accessories you will need hand-picked for you and delivered to your home in one single box.

So exactly how do you start your search for building the ultimate maternity collection in your own wardrobe? And what are the various tips and tricks you should be looking out for?

To make your life easier (because let’s face it, you have enough to worry about already!), we have put together the ultimate guide for you to reference when it comes to the types of clothes and accessories you need when you should start buying your maternity clothes and styles that will help you remain very much on-trend while growing that baby bump of yours.

1. Shop Early and Think Ahead

Every single woman will experience pregnancy differently. And we are not just talking about the hormones! Our bodies are all unique and each one of us will have our own body change and morph differently to support and grow a baby inside of us.

So the first and most important step to finding maternity clothes and accessories for each trimester is to recognize that there may not be a precise timeline to follow. In fact, you could very well wake up one morning and realize you have a fully morphed baby bump that seems to have grown in overnight.

The best trick for finding maternity clothes for each trimester is to really think ahead and shop ahead. So if you are looking for a super cute maternity dress and have only recently found out you are an expecting mother, go for size and style that leaves room to grow into. That way when you reach months seven and eight of pregnancy, you can still comfortably and confidently wear the dress that caught your eye months prior.

Every single expecting mother will have different preferences when it comes to the type of clothes they need and how exactly they want them to fit. So when in doubt, we also suggest talking to a stylist who can help you decide the priority maternity clothes you need and the sizes you should be going for.

2. Comfort Over Everything Else

There can certainly be a level of discomfort when your body is going through constant change. That is why no matter what trimester you are shopping for, comfort should be the top trait that you are looking at when deciding what pieces of maternity clothes to purchase.

If you shop with quality clothing brands, comfort will already be sewn in (literally!). This is because when you shop at a clothing store that specializes in maternity clothes, they realize the true importance of creating clothing that is comfortable. Not only do the clothes need to fit in a way that does not cut off circulation or blood flow, but also allows for the natural breeze to come through.

It is very normal for expecting mothers to experience a dramatic change in their internal body temperatures. One moment you can be freezing cold. And the next moment you can be extremely overheated. Having comfortable clothes that enable the natural air to circulate through is one of the biggest priorities in ensuring you will be comfortable every single month of pregnancy.

3. Rent for the Big Stuff

If you are someone who needs to not only plan outfits for casual day to day activities but also big and important events, then know that renting maternity wear is equally a great option for those special occasions. Let’s face it, the body that you have at month six of pregnancy will likely be a one-off, meaning the dress that fits you now will likely fit you very differently in the future.

So when you are preparing for that black gala event and need a formal floor-length dress, save your money and go for a rental dress instead. There are plenty of formal gowns created for those women going through pregnancy, so you can feel your absolute most glamorous on the day of. But best of all, you can return the dress and know you saved yourself a ton of money as you did not have to purchase a dress outright you will probably only ever wear it once in your life.

4. Think About Life After Baby Too

One of the most overlooked periods of pregnancy that many mothers do not realize until it is too late is thinking about those first few months after giving birth. Your body is stil going through many physical changes while also needing to physically be there for your newborn.

Luckily, the best maternity clothing companies have thought of this. So you can easily get adorable yet comfortable and functional clothes that allow you to easily breastfeed, relax and feel like yourself during this life-changing time. Learn breastfeeding tips from Majka.


Finding clothes for every single stage of pregnancy has never been easier. With incredible collections available online, you are sure to find pieces that you love and that love your body back. Just think long-term and know that you want clothes that grow with you every step of the way.