Feral fury, blood and adamantite claws. Remembering X-Men Origins: Wolverine

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a third-person slasher based on the film of the same name. James Howlet and his half-brother Victor Creed are mutants. The first one has retractable claws from his hands, and the other knows how to create them from his own nails – both have enhanced regeneration. A certain Captain Stryker invited them to join a military squad consisting of people with unusual abilities. It is about this period of Wolverine’s life, as well as how he acquired his adamant claws and lost his memory, that the game tells.


Unlike the walk-through film, which X-Men fans disliked, onlycans Software approached the project with full responsibility. She expanded the plot, tried to reveal the main character and minor characters, to make the gameplay for the immortal Logan as exciting as possible. Although not in all aspects, it worked out well.

The first part of the script shows Wolverine as a soldier from a squad of mutants. They attacked the trail of a meteorite in Nigeria, and Captain Stryker ordered to get it. Wolverine was not always a cruel killer, and therefore he disputes some of the orders of his superiors – for which he was disliked by both the command and his squadmates. His stepbrother, Victor, also sharpened his claws on him.

The second storyline tells about Wolverine’s acquisition of his adamant skeleton and claws, and also shows his hunt for Victor Creed. Logan will meet many mutants, reveal Stryker’s real plans and eventually lose his memory – to become the same insane beast Wolverine, which all fans of comics and films about “X-Men” know.

But the best thing is that all these dialogues, throwing of the main character and not the most beautiful cinematic videos can be simply hammered into! Origins: Wolverine does not overload with drama, does not tell something important or really interesting (unless you want to know more about the X-Men universe). Its value in the gameplay. Let it sound like a hackneyed cliché – the project makes you feel like a Wolverine!

The combat system is both easy to learn and difficult to master. There is a strong attack, there is a weak attack, you can grab enemies and dodge. But the most important thing is that you can instantly jump onto the target, pierce it with claws and finish off with lightning strikes. If you know the essence of the combat system, then Wolverine begins to do things on the screen that his comic book brother would envy. There are also special skills, but more on them later.

Each impact is felt and displayed on the screen. Hands, legs, heads – everything scatters to the sides, the arenas are flooded with blood, Logan’s outer clothing and flesh are torn, so much so that his adamant skeleton appears! With brutality in Origins: Wolverine, everything is in order – and this is how a game about Wolverine should be, where no one hides the true essence of this superhero. This was previously only seen in comics.

Present in Origins: Wolverine and leveling. There is both a standard increase in health / rage / damage from abilities, and a section “mutagens”. They passively enhance Logan’s abilities, speed up regeneration, or increase experience gain. As you progress, both new cells and ranks of mutagens open up – the latter, however, will have to be looked for in the secluded corners of the levels.

Special attacks are issued as you progress. These include horizontal and vertical circular attacks, increased Berserker damage, and a Corkscrew attack that propels Wolverine forward. The first three are really useful, and the fourth had to be used only occasionally – to once again be convinced of its uselessness. And that’s why.

There are a lot of types of enemies in Origins: Wolverine. There are: ordinary shooters, invisible shooters, grenade launchers, commandos, juggernauts with shields – dozens of them, and for each you need to look for your own approach. For example, to kill invisible commandos, you need to turn on the instinct of Wolverine or douse them with water – only then they will be visible. Some need to be forced to open up with an attack in order to jump over them and stab them from behind.

Opponents are smart and do not stand still, and in which case they can also give Logan a strong enough kick. But most importantly, there are many of them. No not like this. MANY! This negates the “immortality” of Wolverine, the crowd can easily crush him. Sometimes in one arena, up to a hundred soldiers of various types can appear, and they come in waves. But this only provokes because of the excellent combat mechanics, I want to directly growl: “Come on, come on, come on!” – because in a couple of seconds they will all turn into minced meat.

Of course, there are also annoying disadvantages. It can be seen that although the game was created according to the popular franchise, the budget was not too big. Poor scenery, not the best graphics (can be manually fixed on PC) and constant repetitions of huge mini-bosses. They seem to be justified by the scenario, but the battles with them are poorly furnished, and the giants themselves have only one single method of killing: you need to jump on top of them and beat them.


X-Men Origins: Wolverine can surprise the player even in 2021. This is a hurricane slasher about a superhero, with liters of blood and tons of minced meat on the screen. Quite good main bosses, excellent combat mechanics, non-annoying pumping and a variety of opponents please. A non-catchy plot that surpasses the film-based, repetitive mini-bosses and meager location design slightly ruins the picture of an ideal film franchise game, but does not force the game to turn off after a couple of hours.

If F95zone Games manages to do something similar, but with a large budget and an adequate script, it will be the best Wolverine game. So far, this title, since 2009, has been held by X-Men Origins: Wolverine – and deservedly so. If you have never completed this project about Wolverine and are a big fan of slashers, be sure to pay attention to it. However, you cannot officially buy it anywhere. Activision did not renew the license of the brand’s copyright holder, and the game was removed from store shelves.