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Essential Travel Tips for Las Vegas

Looking to visit Las Vegas in the near future? Or, ya know, ever?

Follow these essential tips to maximize your experience.

Las Vegas Travel Tips

Bundle Flights, Cars and Hotels to save $$$$

Rule of thumb for traveling to Las Vegas: The trip there and back should not cost you an arm and a leg.

Remember, Vegas’ casinos are more interested in keeping you there. That’s how they make their money. And that means they’re more willing to offer special deals.

Travelers will get the most bang for their buck by bundling flight, hotel and, if necessary, car packages. The price will be far more reasonable than you think, which leaves you extra money for gambling, eating, clubbing and excursions!

Enroll for Casino Club Cards to save $$$

Vegas Casinos will spot you money to gamble if you sign up for a gambler’s club card that you insert into the slot machines, and sometimes table games.

Most people are averse to enrolling, because they think it signifies some type of commitment. It doesn’t. At worst, you’ll have to stomach a few promotional emails for the rest of time. That’s worth the perks you get as a new member.

Casinos will usually include bonuses for first-time users such as free slot money, meal coupons and even show discounts.

Have a Predetermined Gambling Limit

Understanding your limits is the best way to gamble. This not only keeps you from potentially losing money you can’t afford to throw away, but it also ensures you have the most fun possible.

For instance, let’s say you’re in a position to gamble with $500. If you establish that maximum before you arrive, and go in with the mindset that you’re going to spend it anyway, you won’t be as hesitant to make certain bets or play certain table games.

Drink for Free

Yes, free.

There’s no complicated trick for lowering your alcohol bill while in Vegas. All you have to do is hang around the casino. Complimentary drinks are served around the tables and slot machines all day and night. Find out more about this in the VegasBetting podcast.

Technically, you don’t even need to be gambling to take advantage of this perk. Just make sure you’re tipping your waiter or waitress.

Throwing them a couple of bucks for each round will ensure they keep coming back to where you’re sitting or standing while also guaranteeing you don’t spend that much money to keep yourself, ahem, quenched.

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