Does the RYA Day Skipper expire?

If you are looking to explore the seas as a skipper, an RYA sailing certification is the way to go.

It will give you the knowledge, skills, and experience you need to feel confident out in the big blue sea.

But how long does the RYA Day Skipper last and when does it expire?

Do RYA Day Skipper certifications expire?

Luckily, most RYA sailing certificates are valid for life once you have demonstrated and passed the required standard.

This includes the RYA Day Skipper, RYA Yachtmaster, and RYA Ocean theory courses as well as the practical courses. This does not apply to certificates like the RYA Sea Survival Certificate and the RYA First Aid at Sea Certificate, which should be revalidated every 5 and 3 years respectively.

Who should apply for the RYA Day Skipper theory qualification?

The RYA Day Skipper theory qualification is designed for new and aspiring skippers looking to navigate familiar water by day and be introduced to night cruises.

The RYA Day Skipper theory course will be completed in a minimum of 40 hours of course time, with extra study time for each student to work independently.

Completing the RYA Day Skipper theory certification allows you to train for and complete the Day Skipper Practical Sailing Course with increased confidence, improving your chances of passing.

What is covered by the RYA Day Skipper theory course?

The syllabus for the Day Skipper theory course is designed to give you the skills and knowledge needed to sail in familiar waters without worry.

It includes:

  • Safety & protection of the environment
  • Passage planning
  • Meteorology
  • Pilotage
  • Buoyage
  • Course to Steer
  • Electronic Navigation
  • The Collision Regulations
  • Dead reckoning & estimated position
  • The compass & position fixing
  • Chart familiarisation
  • Tidal heights & streams

The understanding of these subjects, combined with the practical experience you develop on your sailing sessions will give you everything you need to feel comfortable on the water and skipper with ease.

Find suppliers of RYA Day Skipper theory qualifications

There are many providers for RYA Day Skipper theory qualifications nowadays, with a mix of in-person and online courses.

While in-person courses cost more time and money, they’re preferred by those who thrive in a classroom environment.

The most popular option, however, is to find an online provider of RYA Day Skipper theory courses that allow you to learn in your spare time, at your own pace – especially if they offer a range of support options, embedded quizzes that give instant feedback and a range of extra resources.