Debunking Relationship Myths – Expectations Vs. Reality

Ideas of the perfect relationship have been presented to us from a very young age. Even as a child, the fable of a fairytale romance takes first place in showing how your true love should appear. Here are five fictitious relationship beliefs that; should be reconsidered.

1. Good relationships are always easy

It is a common misconception that forming the perfect relationship is a piece of cake. Perhaps you will find your partner through a meet-cute or maybe on one of the best dating apps. Either way, you will find that while every couple is different, they all have hurdles to overcome. Sure, the honeymoon phase is smooth sailing. It’s all about flirting, lust and passion. But the time does come when you see your partner’s true self. You may have differences of opinion or opposing ideas. There are times in your relationship where you will have to compromise and agree. But, the more understanding and open you are with your partner, the easier it will be.

2. Never go to bed angry

The idea that you should never go to bed without settling a disagreement is well known. Though as surprising as it may sound, this should not always be the case. There are times where it is best to get some rest and sleep on your thoughts. Then you can come back to one another with more coherent points. Arguing it out instead of sleeping has the potential to cause more damage than good to your relationship.

3. Strong couples can read each other’s minds

Who knows where the idea came from that claims you and your partner have to be in sync to stand a lasting chance. It is a false notion. Communication is the number one most important tool in creating a healthy relationship. The concept that your other half must instinctively know what you are thinking, rather than providing each other with an honest breakdown of your feelings, is ludicrous. It is best to react to what your partner is saying rather than to what you think they mean.

4. Marriage and babies will fix everything

The stereotypical idea of a nuclear family is still prevalent today. Remember: everyone is different. This lifestyle will not be for all couples. If you and your partner are having disagreements, it is crucial to note that taking what you may believe is a healthy step forward could potentially be the straw that breaks the camel‘s back. Some great relationship advice to follow highlights, that throwing the idea of marriage and babies at a relationship problem could further break a couple who is not ready, rather than bringing them closer together

5. Your partner should complete you

It is thought by many that when your soulmate appears, your prior, “incomplete” life will now be fulfilled and perfect. People should know that it’s vital to be secure with yourself before settling down for a long-term relationship. Making sure you have met your own needs first will ensure that you can comfort and support your partner too.

Finding someone special is what life is all about. So to make sure that you create a healthy and strong relationship, it is vital to find what works for you. Every couple is different but ignoring those stereotypical expectations and relationship myths to focus on your reality, will create the best bond possible.

If you are still searching for that special someone, do not fret: online dating is a brilliant resource! Dating sites cater to every niche and interest, from Christian dating sites to senior dating sites vegan only platforms, and many more. With this vast pool of people, it is easy to find a mate. So get started, ignore those relationship myths and find your happy reality.