Cicada Market Hua Hin

Cicada Market is Hua Hin’s premier night market. The market is a combination of food stalls, unique products, music, and theater. No other market in Hua Hin has this unique combination that provides a whole night of entertainment.

If you visit most night markets in Thailand you’ll generally find the same products for sale. After visiting a few markets you know what to expect and it can get a little tedious. But with Cicada Market, most of the stallholders were chosen because they sell pretty unique items that you won’t see anywhere else.

When it comes to food, you’ll be spoilt for choice. There is a huge variety available and the seating areas are superbly clean and unlikely most other markets you’ll come across.

What makes this market really different is that they have live theater and music available at different stage around the market. Here you can grab a beer and something to eat and just relax watching the entertainment.

You could spend the whole evening at this market and not get bored, but if you want to move on, this area of the city has a lot to offer. Right next door is Tamarind Market, which is almost totally a food market with a central seating area. They have some live music in one corner.

Aside from these two markets, there are many restaurants and bars within a few minutes walk, offering all sorts of Thai and international cuisine. There are also numerous massage shops if you’d really like to end the night in a very relaxing environment.

Cicada Market should be at the top of your list of markets to visit in Hua Hin. Not only is it the best in Hua Hin, but it’s also one of the best in Thailand.

Cicada Market Details

Address: Takiab Village (next to Tamarind Market)

Opening Hours: Fri-Sun 16:00-23:00

How To Get There: The easiest way to get there is to take a green songthaew. These travel back and forth along Phetkasem Road all day long and have a stop at the night market in the town center at Soi 72. Cost is just 10 baht daytime and 15 baht in the evening. If you’re coming by car you can park in the car park opposite the market. Cost is around 50 baht.