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Chaeng Watthana Government Complex – Vegetarian Food

Many of us that spend time in Bangkok ended up having to visit the immigration office at the massive Chaeng Watthana Governement Complex, but can you get vegan and vegetarian food there? The answer is yes.

Vegetarian Food At Chaeng Watthana Government Complex

I can’t remember how much the meal above cost, but it was around 40-50 baht, which is typical pricing for a food court.

Food Court At Chaeng Watthana Government Complex

There is more than one food court at the government complex building, but this is the only one I’ve tried. It’s on the ground floor on the same side of the building as the immigration office. It gets very packed at lunchtimes, so come a little early to beat the crowds.

Chaeng Watthana Government Complex

This building is truly huge, and the above photo doesn’t really give you an idea of the size. When you stand where the photo was taken, it feels like you’re in a huge football stadium. They often have exhibitions of some sort or other here.

Inside the building is like a mini-city. It has numerous cafes, restaurants, food courts, market stall, banks, supermarkets, and more.

Chaeng Watthana Road Traffic

I would advise that you come outside the rush hour, as the traffic in this area is horrendous during peak times. Above you can see what it’s like at around 17:00.



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