How to travel by bus in Bulgaria. Bus schedule


We were going to Bulgaria with a very limited budget. This is exactly the situation when you want to see everything, but you cannot afford excursions and paid tours – they are very expensive here. That is why we decided to get to the main attractions by public transport – so it … Read more

Excursions from Bulgaria: Turkey, Romania, Greece

Excursions from Bulgaria: Turkey, Romania, Greece

    This article details about excursions outside the wonderful country of Bulgaria — for instance, the bordering countries such as Turkey. The information is accurate and valid for holidaymakers in 2019. Carefully browse on excursions you are interested in, as some of them require additional documents. Excursions abroad You want to … Read more

Aheloy: an overview and photos

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Aheloy is a tiny, but very cozy town on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Personally, we remembered it as a green, quiet and calm place. Aheloy, like the most resorts in Bulgaria, is actively promoted as a good tourism site. It has hotels and cottages, and these are expected to increase rapidly. … Read more

Varna: attractions and photos

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Varna is a huge resort city that is situated along the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria. And if we judge according to our observations, this port city is a popular holiday destination among tourists not just coming from different parts of Bulgaria, but also from different points of the globe. But on … Read more

A tourist voucher with or without meals?

A tourist voucher with or without meals?

When going on vacation to Bulgaria, many tourists think whether to take a trip with meals. And if it is worth taking, then what kind of it? This article tries to detail, as possible, about the pros and cons of purchasing a tourist voucher with meals in Bulgaria, and will help you … Read more

The cost of taxis in Bulgaria: prices in different cities

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There isn’t much any useful information about taxis and taxi prices in Bulgaria. Before we set out on our Bulgarian holiday, we managed to find only several forums with passenger “horror” stories and strikingly different prices. Also, there are a lot of sites offering, under the guise of taxis, shuttle services from … Read more

Excursions in Bulgaria: entertainments and adventures

The description of the tour Nessebar

Bulgaria is a wonderful Balkan country full of secrets and mysteries. Here you can not only relax from the bustle of large cities on the Black Sea coast, but also enjoy a huge selection of water activities in Aqua Park of Nessebar or learn the culture and traditions of indigenous people during … Read more

Boat trips in Bulgaria: excursions and entertainment

Pirate Cruise - sailing on an old ship in the sea

Arriving to coastal countries (Montenegro, Turkey, Egypt and, of course, Bulgaria) tourists are guided by one desire – to have a good holiday and rest, which means – to swim in the sea and to get a “chocolate” tan. But beyond that, today we want to tell you about another kind of … Read more

Obzor: reviews and photos

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Not all tourists like to relax in the fully packed coastal resorts in numerous countries. Sometimes people prefer to spend their time in quiet, less noisy places where life goes on as usual without the hassle and all kinds of stress. If you are exactly looking for this kind of rest, we … Read more

How much money should you take to Bulgaria?

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Going to a new country, many tourists are interested in how much money they should take with them, in what currency, what is better to spend their savings on and how not to let themselves be deceived at local exchange offices. Bulgaria is also no exception. This is a country that has … Read more