Hospitals In Hua Hin

Hua Hin Pet Village Animal Hospital

Many people think that as a developing country Thailand might not have the best hospitals, but the opposite is in fact true. Thailand has some world-class hospitals, and Hua Hin also has a few good hospitals to choose from. If you’re an expat living in Hua Hin or just a tourist visiting … Read more

Unusual Sights In Hua Hin

Man With Heart Balloon

Whenever we’re traveling we love to look out for unusual things, as it’s something that makes traveling more interesting. While Hua Hin is a fairly small city it still has its fair share of the unusual. This is what we’ve come across so far. Rooster On The Loose For some reason, we’ve … Read more

More Coffee Shops In Hua Hin

The Ritza Bakery Cafe Hua Hin

When we first came to Hua Hin we found it quite difficult to find many decent cafes, but after a few months here we’ve managed to find lots more. Many of these are hidden down sois (side roads) that many tourists to venture, so are a bit of a local secret. For … Read more

Hua Hin Cost Of Living

Baan Kun Koey Studio

In a previous article we covered the cost of living in Bangkok for one month but what’s the difference in cost if you decide to live outside the capital? One of the most popular places for foreigners to live outside Bangkok is the seaside city of Hua Hin. It’s a small city with … Read more

Baan KunKoey – Long-Term Accommodation In Hua Hin

Baan Kun Koey Reception

When we first arrived in Hua Hin we decided to spend our first month in Kwanchanok Ville which is a new apartment hotel in the Soi 94 district. While we enjoyed our stay there and liked the area, we decided we needed to look for a place that had a kitchen, as … Read more

Vegetarian & Vegan Food In Hua Hin


For a small city, Hua Hin has a good selection of food for both vegans and vegetarians. There is the fairly new Hua Hin Vegan restaurant, as well as a number of smaller and more local shophouse style veggie places. Many restaurants will also have a selection of vegetarian dishes, with a … Read more

6 Things To See & Do In Hua Hin


Hua Hin is a seaside town that’s very popular as a short break destination for Bangkokians. It’s only a 2-3 drive from Bangkok or a 5-hour train journey. Bangkok has been very polluted recently, and that was one of the reasons we decided to spend a few months in Hua Hin. The … Read more

Kwanchanok Ville – Long Term Rooms In Hua Hin


As we planned to spend a few months in Hua Hin we needed to book a couple of nights at a hotel and then search for longer-term accommodation. As we had a car we decided to stay a little outside the city center, as it would be quieter and a little cheaper. … Read more

Coffee Shops In Hua Hin


When we first arrive in a new city one of the first things we do is look for some great cafes where we can both do some work and just hang out and relax. We had a harder time finding good cafes in Hua Hin that we do in most other cities … Read more

Puek Tian Beach & Statue, Cha Am


One of the reasons we decided to spend some time in Cha Am is because we wanted to visit Puek Tian Beach and its statues. The statues were inspired by a 48,700-line epic poem called Phra Aphai Mani by the legendary Thai poet Sunthorn Phu. The main statue is what most Thai … Read more

Asia Cha Am Hotel


As we didn’t at all like the location of the Beach Cha Am Guesthouse we decided to change to a different hotel for our second night in Cha Am. As we’d had a chance to look around the town we had a much better idea of where we wanted to stay. This … Read more