Bulgaria In Photos: Beaches, Resorts and Attractions


In this article you will get to see photos of the many wonderful spots in Bulgaria that we managed to visit personally. But even the best pictures do not do justice to the breathtaking and otherworldly beauty of this Balkan country — you’ve really got to see them by your own eyes. At least though, you will get an idea of what Bulgaria can offer!

It is not surprising that the country is usually under the radar of most tourists who prefer to go to the more popular European destinations such as France, Italy and England. It may not have spectacular landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower or the Big Ben. But once you land here in Bulgaria, we assure you that you will fall in love with the country right away through its own unique offering of interesting, eye-catching and breathtaking sights and attractions, as well as its rich history and culture.

The collection of images include: sand beaches, beautiful Black Sea, an unusual Balkan nature, the most interesting sights and resorts of Bulgaria.

Through our camera lens, we tried to capture the unforgettable moments of our stay in the country, filled with sunshine and smiles of people.

Bulgarian Beaches in Photos

Bulgarian beaches in photos

Bulgaria boasts several beaches. The towns stretch along the Black Sea coast. Most beaches there are well-equipped with basic amenities (and a lot more).

The rental price of sun loungers and sunshades varies from 6 levs to 8 levs, depending on the resort. Tourists are charged from 35 levs to 50 levs to rent spacious spacious tents. We noticed that in Bulgaria, vacationers prefer to go at free zones, carrying their own towels and sunshades. For those who do not own a sunshade, they can purchase them at 12 levs each. IMPORTANT NOTE: these rates may change any time.

There are no private beaches, as the entire coastal zone in the country belongs to the state.

Those who like to sunbathe topless or even nude will also be happy to find their own place in Bulgaria. At almost every resort you can find secluded places. For example, in the outskirts of Pomorie there is a fairly large beach, where only nudists relax.

The most memorable for us was the beach on the spit. It was an amazingly clean and beautiful place, located between Aheloy and Pomorie. There were no crowds of tourists, and the sea water was quite clean and warm. Not far from where we stood was the Lake Pomorie which is famous for its healing mud and bird sanctuary, and that made this place even more worth the while.

Bulgarian Sea in Photos

Bulgarian sea in photos

Bulgaria is bordered by the Black Sea on the east. During our 14 days in the country, we observed that the Black Sea was quite clean. It was also quiet and calm most of the time because of the absence of high and low tides. One time, there was a storm there and the waters felt a lot cooler, but even that did not stop tourists from coming to the beaches.

The Black Sea waters are not as warm as, for example, the Adriatic Sea. It is also less salty, that’s why it is harder to swim there. The water temperature is not very high but comfortable enough for some swimmers.

Summer Bulgaria in Photos

Summer Bulgaria in photos

During the summer, Bulgaria is at its prettiest, boasting a vibrant blend of pure sea, warm sun, boundless sky, delicious ripe fruits and a huge number of flowers. Upon your first arrival here in Bulgaria, you will definitely fall in love right away not only with its mild climate and pretty sights, but also with its hospitable locals.

Below are more photos that we took in Bulgaria during the summer:

Resorts and cities of Bulgaria in photos

Resorts and cities of Bulgaria in photos

Each resort of Bulgaria is beautiful in its own way, making it unique as well. These resorts are more than just destinations for relaxation and pleasure. They are also destinations to cure illnesses and to promote health and well-being.

You can find many national parks in Bulgaria, and each has its own brand of unique charm, beauty and harmony.

The climate of Bulgaria is mild and pleasant, making it ideal for family holidays. It is not so surprising that several tourists, who have fallen in love with the country, buy property here or even move to a permanent residence.

Memories of sunny Bulgaria warm the soul, and we happily share these photos of our Bulgarian holiday:

Attractions of Bulgaria in photos

Bulgaria, like any other country, has its own unique attractions that you cannot find in anywhere else. We were able to see only a small part of them, but even that was enough to delight us.

Probably one of the most beautiful wonders of the country is a botanical garden of Balchik. This truly magnificent collection of plants from around the world, year after year, gives a lot of fun to tourists.

The town of Nessebar is an appealing mix of the old and the modern that makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bulgaria. Like many towns and cities on the Black Sea coast, Nessebar is an ancient city. Needless to say, it is rich in history. Nessebar has been said to have the most number of churches per capita, with about 40 surviving churches. As it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, think of Nessebar as a vast and open-air museum that is replete with relics of its long, complicated and illustrious past.

You can read more about the sights of Bulgaria in our separate article: attractions of Bulgaria. Photos and description.

Much more interesting photos of Bulgaria:


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