Best Slots To Play In Las Vegas

With the increased growth of online casino business, gamers across the web are heading online to reap the rewards of the finest slots on the planet.

Yet there are still some top slot options in brick and mortar casinos too. Perhaps the most slot-centric city on earth is Las Vegas, the entertainment and party hotspot of North America and, many would agree, the whole planet! Featuring both traditional and contemporary slot games, the city in the desert guarantees high-quality slot action to all comers!

In this article, we will look at the best slots to play in Las Vegas. From beloved games to little-known classics, our collection will encompass a wide selection of slots, all of which you can enjoy in Vegas today!

So, without further ado, let’s take a peek at the best slots to play in Las Vegas, starting with what plenty would agree is the finest slot ever!


A true classic, Megabucks is so-called thanks to the enormous jackpots it can spurt out to any player. Boasting a win percentage of 11%, the odds of grabbing the big prize in Megabucks are seriously enticing.

A pioneer of the progressive jackpot slot sector, this Las Vegas legend has been pulling in the punters since the mid-80s. Everybody comes to play Megabucks with the hopes of joining the annals of Vegas’ biggest slots winners – most of whom struck lucky playing exactly this slot offering!

Wheel of Fortune slot game

You might know about the legendary game show that had iterations all over the world back in the 70s, 80s and 90s, but do you know about the equally amazing slot game that has been enticing punters in Las Vegas for year after year?

You should! With progressive jackpots, free spins and jackpot games, Wheel of Fortune is a top slot beloved by some of the best gamers in Sin City. Excited? Well, there are plenty of Wheel of Fortune style online slots out there, such as those found at this site, all of which replicate the Vegas experience to a tee!

On top of this, it can be stated that Wheel of Fortune shifts shapes whenever it appears across the globe in casinos and gambling centres, meaning when you play in Vegas it is truly a unique experience!

Triple Red Hot 7s

The last slot game in our selection of the finest in all of Las Vegas is Triple Red Hot 7s, a stunning slot offering that mixes old-school slot excitement with the opportunity to earn life altering figures!

Although a volatile slot game, the use of various reels makes this the kind of slot that experienced gamers can really excel in. With top bonus rounds that triple gamers’ wins, Triple Red Hot 7s is a truly exciting slot that is certain to keep players entertained and thrilled throughout their time engaging with such a classic offering.