Best hostels in Malaysia for Backpackers

Malaysia is often categorized as one of Southeast Asia’s most loved spots for backpackers. The country offers everything from humble dine-in options to luxurious, downtown eateries that won’t let you in without a formal attire. But while a mix of high-end and low-end attractions are plentiful, first-time backpackers may find it difficult to locate & book suitable accommodation.


Fortunately, there are many backpacker-friendly hostels in Malaysia where you can get a good night’s sleep and socialize without spending too many dollars. Below we have shared a list of best hostels in Malaysia for backpackers for your ease.

1. Mingle Hostel

Located in a colonial building in Kuala Lumpur’s Chinatown area, Mingle Hostel features a vibrant interior that’s contemporary as well as historical. The keyword here is ‘mingle’. It’s one of the best hostels in Malaysia for mingling and socializing with other travelers. The choice of rooms spans from rooms featuring en-suite washrooms to female-only and mixed bunk beds. Other facilities include an on-site cafeteria, communal kitchen, reading room, and spaces that’ll give you ample opportunities to let your hair down. Anyone journeying solo will appreciate the Mingle Hostel.

2. Magpie Residence

If you’re visiting Penang and want to stay a little outside the centrally located Georgetown, this is the hostel that’d get you the best bang for your buck. Though it doesn’t offer a lot of opportunities to socialize, we guarantee that you’ll get more out of your investment in this place. For starters, it’s cheaper than other hostels out there. The place will offer you pod bunk beds with curtains here, as well as a choice of private rooms if you’re traveling as a couple. The staff is helpful, the air conditioning is decent, and the room for breakfast cooking is big (yes, you’ll have the opportunity to cook your own morning meals). The hostel even offers free coffee throughout the day if reviews are anything to go buy – get your early morning fix at your will.

3. Backhome Hostel

The central location and the modern, clean interior of this Kuala Lumpur based hostel is a backpacker’s dream. You can easily visit Merdeka Square, KL tower, the Islamic Art Museum, Chinatown, and many other attractions. On top of that, the hostel is just a ten-minute walk away from the Bukit Nana forest reserve (the place is more than 100 years old). While this particular hostel doesn’t have a party atmosphere like other places do, it’s ideal for getting a good night’s place or having some time. With a movie room to go to, a clean environment to enjoy, and a comfortable bed to snooze in, it’s an absolute steal for backpackers.

4. Zackry Guest House

This guest house themed hostel is an ideal place to rest in when you visit Langkawi. It has all the basic necessities that a backpacker would like, but it isn’t short of amenities. Also, the hostel is run by a family, and it’s a bit outside the city center (near Tengah Beach). There are a variety of eateries nearby and available-for-rent scooters if you want to commute a bit further. Moreover, walking a few minutes would get you to a half kilometer beach where you could read that novel. In addition to all that, the hostel has a decent dining and common area, as well as a shared kitchen and a library. When it comes to the available rooms, there’s twin sharing as well as single and double-bedded rooms. For those on a tighter budget, small dorm rooms are also available.

5. Serenity Hostels

If you want to get a closer look at the nightlife of Kuala Lumpur, then you can’t go wrong if you book a room right under the roof of the Serenity Hostel. The Bukit Bintang bars are just a few minutes away from this place, and walking for 10-15 minutes will get you to the iconic Petronas Twin Towers. For an affordable price, you’ll also get a berth in the air-conditioned dorm of Serenity Hostels. Other amenities include free WiFi, free linen towels, and free breakfast. CCTV and securely placed lockers ensure that your belongings stay safe within the property. Upon request, you can also get a luggage store and laundry.

6. Georgetown Residences

If this looks seems a little more “upmarket” to you than the standard backpacking hostels in Penang, it probably is (well, kind of). Think deck chairs, exposed bricks, green plants – all the pleasant stuff you could think of. It’s ideal for backpackers who’re also digital nomads. It’s a very secure place that has some great looking common spaces that are ideal for backpackers and their laptops. The icing on the cake is the high-speed internet; you’ll be blazing through your emails and getting those Asana tasks done quicker than you could imagine. There’s also a low vibe, which is the secret code to: SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.

7. Dream Catcher Travelers Refuge

If you’re searching for a relaxing and genuine location to stay in the backpacker-friendly city of Penang, this hostel is the real deal; The personnel of Dream Catcher Travelers Refuge shows a genuine interest in ensuring that backpackers enjoy their stay. The location is peaceful, and the location is central. A short walk will get you to popular attractions including restaurants, bars, museums, and temples. If you want to keep things private or are traveling as a couple, you can skip the dorms and opt for a double room. There are fans in most rooms, while some have air conditioning. Check the weather in advance to ensure you make the right booking.

Final thoughts

With a range of budget-friendly accommodations and hostels, Malaysia is quite suitable for backpacking enthusiasts. Before booking a dorm, compare prices and reviews on different sites like and and then pick the hostel that aligns with your preferences. Ideally, you should go with the one that has a friendly atmosphere, a 24/7 reception, and a location that’s peaceful so that noise is not a problem.