Best Decorating Ideas for Your Travel Trailer or RV


It’s great to feel like your camper is home when you’re out on the road. This feeling can be achieved by decorating your RV or travel trailer. Campers have boring and basic interiors, no matter what type you choose. To make your camper feel more homely, add some personal touches. It is great to have a personal space no matter where you park.

To avoid becoming too heavy, your RV decor must be lightweight. You can sometimes reduce the weight of your camper by replacing dull decor with lighter, modern styles. It is best to get rid of anything you feel may be too heavy. These are some ideas for RV and travel trailer decorating.

Paint the Interior Walls

You can add your personal touch to your camper walls without having to gain weight. Your camper will feel more like a home away from home by choosing the right color scheme. A popup camper can feel larger than it is by using lighter colors. A small space can feel bigger if it has an accent wall in a darker shade.

To accessorize your travel trailer, add throw pillows.

Throw pillows can make your RV’s living area or a bedroom more comfortable. They also look great. Throw pillows are lightweight, so you don’t need to worry about adding extra pillows. Your camper design will dictate the theme of your throw pillows. To liven up your space, make your throw pillows bright and bold. Throw pillows make a great and inexpensive decoration option for your travel trailer.

Install wall decals inside your camper trailer

Wall stickers can give your space a unique look that allows you to express yourself. Susan would be furious if I put up Wall Fathead wall stickers of the Baltimore Ravens. Stickers are a good choice, but you can also get creative with stencils and make your own. You can make your own wall decals or choose from a variety of options.

You can use peel and stick flooring inside your travel trailer or camper.

Like wall decals but without the need for a large investment, you can add style and flair to your home with peel and stick tiles or wood flooring. For a personal touch, add a peel and stick tiles sheets to a kitchen wall. These sheets are simple to use and affordable. They can be used on the ceiling to create a wood plank look.

Perhaps it’s time to get some cool clocks for decorating your travel trailer.

Clocks are not only decorative but also useful. A simple clock that is lightweight can be hung above the kitchen to make it feel homier. You can choose a clock that matches the theme of your camper.

To enhance the look of your RV’s bathroom or kitchen, use Decorative Towels.

Dish towels make great camping gifts. You can choose fun designs and patterns to match your camper’s decor. Brightly colored towels can add a splash of color to your bathroom or kitchen.

You can update your camper trailer decor with new curtains.

Most likely, your travel trailer or RV came with standard curtains or valances. You can change things up by replacing the curtains with colorful ones. A new set of curtains can make a room look brighter. Your curtains can be incorporated into the camper’s design theme.

Flammable Candles can add ambiance to your home.

In a camper, it can be difficult to keep the candles lit. Flameless candles can be used to set the mood and not worry about lighting your camper. Camping with flameless candles creates a great atmosphere and soft lighting.

Spread the Welcome Mat

A personal welcome mat is a nice touch. It adds personal style to your camper and helps keep dirt out. While camping, it’s a constant struggle to keep dirt, sand, and mud from the camper. You can make this part of your decorating theme.

Wallpaper maps make a great RV travel decor idea.

Hanging maps from places you have been is completely another way to give your camper some color and flair. To decorate your walls, choose some of your favorite places and make use of the maps. You’ll never leave your home without a map showing you where to go if you lose your cell phone service.

Install new cabinet knobs in your trailer’s kitchen and bath

It’s easy to install cabinet knobs in your camper’s bathroom and kitchen cabinets. Look around at your local hardware shop and find the cabinet knobs and handles you like. These can be replaced with the ones you have in your camper. It’s a small thing that can make a place feel homier. You don’t need boring cabinet handles. Choose something exciting!

Decorate your travel trailer for the holidays

Have fun decorating your RV or travel trailer for the holidays! Halloween is Susan’s favorite holiday for decorating. You can decorate for any holiday you wish. You don’t have to use Christmas lights only during Christmas. You can use them to provide soft lighting for camping throughout the year. String lights can be strung around the living area or bedroom to create a relaxing atmosphere or accent lighting. Lamps can be heavy and provide only light to a small area. You also need to store them when you’re on the road. Christmas lights are lighter and provide more lighting.

Bunk beds can be installed to increase your living space.

You can stack beds in your camper to increase the space available for activities. This will give you more space for sleeping and spending time with your family. Bunk beds are a great way to create a cabin-like feel in your camper. You can take the cabin feeling with you wherever you go.

Hanging Wicker Baskets for Your Travel Trailer

Instead of building shelves, hanging baskets up on the walls to add storage. These baskets are ideal for pantry storage or bathroom items. Shelves can be very heavy and add up quickly. Baskets are lighter than shelves. You can store everything on a shelf.

Upgrade Your Camper or Vehicle with New Upholstery

The majority of campers will have boring furniture in their dining area and other areas. You can reupholster your living area with any pattern you choose. Bright colors can add life to a camper. These colors should be incorporated into your camper’s decor and theme.

A Coffee Mug Set will decorate your camper trailer.

You should always have a cup of coffee every morning when you camp. You can show off your personality with a mug set that you will use every day. Set up a display if your camper will be stationary for a while, so your mugs are both functional and decorative.

Paint Your Travel Trailer, 5th Wheel, or Exterior

There are many decorating options for the interior of a camper, but the exterior is what everyone sees. Simple stripes down the sides of a camper can add style to your camper. Don’t go too extravagant on the exterior. Sometimes simplicity is better.

A Decorative Shower Curtain will transform your RV bathroom.

Your shower curtain at home shouldn’t be boring. Why should your camper shower curtains? A shower curtain with a decorative design is a great way of personalizing your bathroom without spending a lot. Choose a curtain that matches your bathroom towels.

Additional Tips for Decorating Your Travel Trailer/Travel Trailer

Select a Theme, and Stick with It

You can choose a theme to decorate the interior of your camper. You can give your space a personalized touch and a homey feel by using themes. Because campers are small spaces, it is important to keep the theme consistent throughout your camper. When choosing colors, wall stickers, towels, throw pillows, and other decors, keep your theme in mind.

You can add storage to your travel trailer or campervan, and you can also add decorations.

You don’t have to choose between form and function. A camper van should have extra storage. It’s best to keep everything in one place before you set out on the road. You won’t have to worry about your stuff moving while driving. Consider how storage can be integrated into your decor. For example, you could add storage pockets under the couch cushions or under the bed. This is a great way for you to store items until you are ready.

Your RV or travel trailer will feel like your home when you have a personal space. You will always feel at home no matter where you travel. Have fun decorating!

Are you looking for decorating ideas to decorate an RV or off-road travel trailers? We would love to hear your ideas!




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