Best Appliances for RV Living

Living in your RV might not be convenient when you lack appliances that will surely stack up the burden to prepare yourself on a daily basis. With a space that is limited, it is important to think of the things you will be putting in your RV for your lifestyle there. However, with many appliances to choose from, I am sure that you are thinking of the best and important ones to include in your RV.

According to Brian of, it is imperative that you should think of the things you are carrying with you. Likewise in eliminating your appliances choices to those that are only necessary. Without any further ado, let us start enumerating these things.

1. Coffee Pot

Majority of the people that own an RV know that coffee is essential. Who doesn’t love coffee, right? Coffee Pot is a small appliance that can function from also making hot chocolate to boiling your water for whatever you will use it for. The size is just the right one as it will not consume that much space in your RV.

2. Microwave Oven

Microwave oven is perfect for those families that have leftovers that they prefer to eat by tomorrow or later. Buying a microwave oven for your RV is the right thing to do as it will save you a lot of money in buying food. If you would have a microwave oven, it is highly recommended that you buy the right one for your kitchen counter.

3. Induction Burner

If you don’t want to have a gas stove in your RV, an Induction Burner is the perfect alternative for it. Unlike gas stoves, they will consume less space compared to them. It is also much preferable as it does not use any flame that can cause accidents in your RV. Aside from saving your space, it also uses minimal energy and generates heat faster.

4. Mini-Blender

Blenders consume a lot of space and it is not that necessary to have in every kitchen. However, if you are a daily consumer of smoothies and other beverages that require a blender, then you need a blender for it. These appliances consume space and it is not really convenient for RV owners. But, there is a smaller product of it that is called a Mini-Blender that functions the same but in a lesser quantity.

5. Water Filter

Do you drink water from the faucet of your RV? Well, you should consider having a Water Filter. This appliance ensures the person who will drink water from anywhere is safe to consume. You cannot just trust the water you found even though it is labeled as a safe one, and your RV Water Tank is not an exception.

6. Small Refrigerator

Standard Refrigerators are large ones. And because of the size of it, it will not be convenient for the small space of your RV. However, there is a small refrigerator that can replace these standard ones that has the same function. It is best to have for your RV as you can store your foods and other supplies for them to last long.

7. Small TV

If you are looking for entertainment inside of your RV house, a Small TV is the best one to keep you entertained while you are in the comfort of your homes. TVs are not that really expensive, particularly if it is not that big and uses the latest technology. Besides, usually RVs have satellite services.

8. Ice Maker

This appliance is for those people that prefer cold beverages that most RV Campers want to have. Admit it or not, living in an RV can feel hot due to the exposure of your vehicle to the sun. Having it will supply you a continuous supply of ice. And if you are an ice person, then investing in an Ice Maker is the best option for you.


Living in an RV does not exclude having appliances as these technologies help you on a daily basis. They provide comfort, enjoyment, and contentment within your household. However, having an RV means having a limited space, and that is why you need to select a number of things that you will include in your home. And by choosing, you need to know the important one and what you will be needing the most as you stay in your Recreational Vehicle.