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Like the other United States, people started moving to Idaho because of gold discovered in that region. In the past, the Shoshone and Nez Perce tribes lived there by hunting wildlife and planting corn and beans. Then, Elias Pierce discovered gold. It was a significant push for making this area an official U.S. territory. However, in 1890, Idaho was recognized as the 43rd United States. If you are also planning to move to Idaho, it’s a good time as the economy is humming, and the increasing population is also a good mark.

Idaho includes beautiful natural scenery, a land of opportunity, and a tech community. The State has a lot of plans regarding a new technology hub and so on. If you want to know all the perks of living in Idaho in detail, this blog is for you.

Booming Economy

The thriving job market and booming economy of Idaho make this State one of the most popular places to visit. According to the recent statistics, Idaho’s unemployment rate is just 3.9 percent- below than average of 4.7. Along with this, Idaho is also an ideal destination for economic growth. It ranks number four for its fiscal stability.

Tax-friendly State

Along with reliable services and affordable goods, Idaho is also a tax-friendly state. However, it also depends on your source of income. Idaho is more friendly for the retirees, and states sale taxes are also meager. There is a great need to know, and the organization explained on its website that Idaho had lowered its top tax to 6.5 percent in 2021, which makes it more attractive to business opportunities.

Extremely Safe to Live

One of the significant perks of moving to Idaho is a state with highly safe surroundings and less crime rate. The capital has a lower crime rate than other big cities in Idaho. The recent Area vibe data reveals that Boise, Idaho’s capital, has a 25% lower crime rate. The most important thing to consider is that this Gem state is recognized as one of the top ten safest states.

Environmentally Friendly

It’s interesting to know that- not only the residents of Idaho are friendly, but the entire State has a clean and soothing environment. Idaho is blessed with crystal clear water and higher air quality. The United States has ranked Idaho as the 12th most excellent State regarding environmental quality. Along with this, Idaho is referred to as the cleanest State. This study is significantly based on the amount of water production, trash buried per capita, and level of air pollution.

Low Cost of Living

Undoubtedly, Idaho is one of the most affordable states, and the best part is the overall cost of living index is 93. The index level is seven points less than the national cost of living index, making it a perfect place for homebuyers to buy an affordable residency. Furthermore, utilities, healthcare, and groceries are also below average. According to the World Population, Idaho’s rentals are 15% lower than the overall national average. The cost of living is cheaper, especially if you want to save more money. In short, if you want an ideal place for stretching dollars- move to Idaho.

Plenty of Outdoor Activities

Being one of the most attractive states, Idaho also offers plenty of outdoor activities to locals and tourists. Every year, Idaho attracts millions of visitors to outdoor attractions and parks. You can enjoy fishing, camping, hiking, water rafting, mountain biking, skiing, and snowboarding here in Idaho.

Idaho is a Gem State and one of the most beautiful states. The State offers a lot of natural and artificial places, from Yellowstone National Park to Goldbug Hot Springs. No matter which side you turn on, the world’s famous and spectacular beauty and unique wildlife are waiting for you.

Delectable Food and Drink

One of the best things about Idahoans is that they love to eat quality. It’s why this State is home to some of the best restaurants, farms, and breweries. The signature foods are huckleberries, morel mushrooms, potatoes, caviar, trout, and habanero pizza. You can find craft beer everywhere here. Keep in consideration that Idaho is home to fast-growing beer industries ranked 11th.

Shorter Commute Time

Just leave the busy highways, traffic, and delayed trains moving towards this Gem State. The most significant perk of moving to Idaho is the State’s short commute for working. The average travel time for the workers is 21.1, whereas the national average time is 26 minutes. The primary reason for the short commute is that Idaho is less dense than other places.

Moreover, the Idaho residents are pretty friendly and welcome you. Don’t be surprised when outgoing Idahoans wave. They’ll smile at you and chat with you. All the residents are nice and interested in making the State friendliest in the country.




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