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Booking hotels in the Maldives has a number of features. From choosing a villa to paying taxes and fees. Given the high prices for holidays, everyone wants to book the very resort that will give a lot of positive emotions the first time. The company, headquartered in Geneva, has been working with the Maldives destination for more than 8 years and, like no one else, knows about all the pitfalls of booking villas and vacations on exotic islands. We will talk about the benefits of the site below.

  1. Competitive holiday prices. has direct contracts with local management companies. This allows you to keep competitive prices for Maldivian villas, as well as resort services. Visit the directory of hotels in the Maldives – there is an opportunity to sort hotels from the lowest to the highest cost.
  2. Transfer included in the price. The issue with a transfer in the Maldives should definitely be resolved before arriving to the islands. It’s all about the location of the resorts. As a rule, one hotel occupies one island. The distance between the islands can reach hundreds of kilometers. Since the resort islands are private, public transport does not go to them. In most cases, only the hotel organizes transfers to their island. Often, aggregator sites sell villas in the Maldives without a transfer. Finding a private carrier in the Maldives is quite difficult, especially when it comes to seaplanes. On, all hotels and guesthouses are sold with a transfer – by choosing a boat, seaplane or local airlines, you see on the page the final price with a transfer to the hotel and back.
  3. Included taxes and fees. In the Maldives, when booking a hotel, there is a tourist tax – 16%. In addition, you must pay an environmental tax – $ 6 per day for resorts and $ 3 for guesthouses. Some hotels may charge a 10% service charge. With many villas in the Maldives reaching up to several thousand dollars a day, taxes and fees can add up to a significant amount. Some sites sell villas without taxes, and they need to be paid upon arrival at the hotel. At, all taxes and fees are already included in the prices posted on the site. You know in advance how much the rest will cost. No unpleasant surprises upon arrival.
  4. Flexible booking system, cancellation. You can book a villa on and be sure that the reservation will remain with you, even if you did not pay for it right away. Depending on the hotel, bookings must be paid 7-30 days prior to arrival. If you paid immediately and wish to cancel your booking, you can do so free of charge up to 7-30 days prior to arrival. Further, the closer to the check-in date, the higher the cancellation fee. It is convenient to book hotels in the Maldives in advance, especially during the high season, when the most interesting and advantageous offers are sold out.
  5. Unique filter in the catalog of hotels. Extensive experience with exotic islands has allowed to create filters specific to the Maldives. They allow you to choose the hotel according to your wishes as accurately as possible. So, in the catalog there is a filter “Glass floor”, “Underwater restaurant” or “Hammock over water”. Such, at first glance, little things will help you choose your dream villa. There are also more practical filters in the catalog. For example, “Near Male” – the list will include only those resorts that can be reached by speedboat in 10-20 minutes from the capital Male. Or the “Big Island” filter – as you know, the Maldives are not famous for large islands, however, there are quite large resorts with many restaurants, souvenir streets and other entertainment – there are even island systems connected to each other.
  6. Discount page. There is a selection of hotels with discounts by months on For each month, the most advantageous hotel offers are selected – discounts from 10% to 70%. The biggest discounts fall on the low season – approximately from April to November, the peak months – July, August, September. However, even in the high season there are discounts and you can, say, in February 2023, book a five-star Gili Lankanfushi Maldives with a 20% discount.
  7. Online support. Please contact the online chat, especially if you have not been to the Maldives before. Professional managers will answer all your questions and give up-to-date information – from taxes and the booking process to choosing a menu in the hotel restaurant. One of the most common questions is which hotel to choose for good snorkeling. Managers will tell you which resorts have a rich and lively house reef, where you can meet manta rays, reef sharks, etc.

How to book a hotel on

  1. On the homepage, enter the name of a particular hotel or country in the search box. In the same place, enter the dates of the trip and the number of travelers.
  2. You will see a list of hotels. Select the necessary filters to refine your search query. For example, 5 star hotel, water villa, swimming pool, house reef, seaplane transfer, kids club.
  3. Select the hotel you like from the updated list. Next, on the hotel page, select a villa, type of food, type of transfer. Click the “Reserve” button.
  4. Fill out a short questionnaire about your trip. Submit an application. Within a few hours, the manager will contact you and confirm the availability of the villa for booking.
  5. Next, the manager will send the booking conditions and payment details. Depending on the hotel, payment must be made 7-30 days prior to arrival. Your booking confirmation will be sent to you electronically.
  6. On the day of arrival in the Maldives, a hotel representative will meet you at the airport and take you to the selected transfer. All this time, managers will be in touch and will advise you on any questions about your trip.

The Maldives is one of the most romantic places to visit, especially for a honeymoon. In addition, paradise islands have long attracted fans of snorkeling and diving. Delicious seafood based cuisine, one of the best spas in the world, unrivaled service… there is so much more to discover! Visit the hotel catalog on – book villas of your choice and go on a long-awaited vacation.


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