Bangkok To Singapore With Scoot


This is our review of flying from Bangkok to Singapore with Scoot. Usually, when we fly to Singapore we use Air Asia, which operates from Don Mueang Airport, but this time we chose to fly from Suvarnabhumi Airport, as it’s much easier to get to and from the city from there. In the past, we’ve had long waits for taxis at Don Muenag, and then often there is also lots of traffic to contend with.

Getting to Suvarnabhumi Airport for us means a short BTS ride to Phaya Thai, and then the Airport Rail Link from there. It’s cheaper, faster, and much more convenient. The problem is that most low-cost airlines fly from Don Mueang. However Scoot, a Singapore airline, flies from Suvarnabhumi, so we decided to give them a try, and we were very pleasantly surprised.

Our journey to the airport was very easy. 40 baht for the BTS journey and 45 baht for the Airport Rail Link. So that’s around $3 for a comfortable and fast journey. This is much better for us than getting a taxi.

Usually, we have been met at the airport by large queues at the check-in counters, but at the Scoot counter there was just one family already being served, so we waited less than a minute. Check-in was fast and easy. We were already loving the Scoot experience.

Suvarnabhumi Airport

We much prefer traveling from Suvarnabhumi Airport, because it has a much better range of cafes and restaurants than Don Mueang. We like to chill a little before our flights, and it’s simply easier to do that at Suvarnabhumi.

Boarding was quite quick and we were on the plane and ready to depart.

The cabin crew is known as Scooties, and the captain introduced them all by name. It was a nice touch. All the staff was friendly and efficient. You can order food and drink on the plane, but it’s a little expensive for what you get. Hot meals were around S$12 and coffee and tea was S$4. We don’t usually eat or drink on short flights though, as we prefer to eat either before or after the flight, where we can get better quality meals at a better price.

Flight time was around two hours, and the flying conditions were perfect. Arriving at Changi Airport makes you wonder why all airports can’t be like this. It is clean and very efficiently run.

As soon as we landed, we were able to connect to the airport wifi.

The queues for immigration were quite short, and we were through in just a few minutes. This was a complete contrast to arriving back in Suvarnabhumi Airport on the return journey, where we queued for around 1.25 hours. It’s not a great way to welcome tourists to the country.

Our luggage arrived quite quickly and then it was off to the MRT to get to our hotel in Little India – Hotel 81 Dickson. The MRT in Singapore is another thing that is fast and efficient. The journey to our hotel took under an hour and cost just S$2.40 (US$1.85).

Our return journey was much the same, apart from the massive queues at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Based on our experience with this journey, we will definitely be using Scoot again. They are quite reasonably priced as well. The cost was 8,944 baht per person including one bag of check luggage. Cheaper prices were available, but we booked based on the most convenient flight times, rather than the cheapest ticket. We also booked at short notice. Extra discounts would likely be available if booking further in advance.

Where To Stay In Singapore

For this trip, we stayed at Hotel 81 Dickson, which is on the edge of the Little India neighborhood. It’s a budget hotel, but very clean and pretty reasonably priced for Singapore. If you like Indian food, this is a great area to stay. But it is a little scruffy compared to most of Singapore, so will not be to everyone’s liking. If you want to stay in a cleaner part of Singapore, you could try Hotel 81 Bugis.


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