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A Guide To Bangkok Supermarkets

If you’re looking for a supermarket in Bangkok, you’ll be spoilt for choice. There are high-end supermarkets such as Gourmet Market, well-known names such as Tesco Lotus and Big C, and the ubiquitous 24/7 stores such as 7-Eleven and Family Mart. We’ve lived in Bangkok for years, so here is our comprehensive guide to Bangkok supermarkets and what each supermarket is really like. Click here to book a great hotel in Bangkok.

Gourmet Market

Gourmet Market, Siam Paragon, Bangkok

For us, this is one of the best supermarkets in Bangkok. The produce here is high quality and the range is superb. You will find lots of Western produce, so if you’re craving something from back home this is the place to visit. The downside is that they only have four branches, with all of them being in the Sukhumvit area.

The stores are located in Siam Paragon, Emporium, Terminal 21 and K Village.


Villa Market

Villa Market, Trinity Complex, Silom, Bangkok

Billed as Thailand’s original international supermarket, Villa Market is a place we shop fairly often. They are branches located all over Bangkok, and also in many cities around Thailand. They have an extensive range of international foods.



Foodland is another supermarket that sells a good range of international foods. For many expats, this seems to be high on their list of places to shop. There are branches around Bangkok, mostly in areas with a high percentage of expats.

Tesco Lotus

Tesco Lotus, Bangkok’s Biggest Supermarket Chain

If you’re British, you’ll be very familiar with Tesco. Tesco Lotus is a joint venture between Tesco and Lotus Supermarkets. It has over 1,400 branches nationwide, with plenty scattered around Bangkok. It is Thailand’s biggest supermarket operator. Tesco Lotus also offers online shopping, with next day delivery


Tops Market

Tops Market is very popular with middle-class Thais, as the quality and prices are pretty good. This is the main place we do our shopping, as we have two stores that are within walking distance. They also sell Western foods, although the range is less than at either Gourmet Market or Villa Market. Most stores have a fresh salad bar, and some stores also sell hot food to go. They offer free delivery if you spend 888 baht or more, otherwise, it costs 60 baht. You can also shop online.

Tops Market is part of the Central Group, who run many shopping malls around Thailand. There are around 100 Tops Market stores in Bangkok. You’ll find them in most areas of the city.


Big C

Mini Big C At Surawong Road, Bangkok

Big C is Thailand’s second largest hypermarket operator. As of September 2015, it had 697 stores in Thailand. It also has stores in Vietnam and Laos. There is a range of store formats, including Big C Supercenter, Big C Extra, Big C Jumbo, Big C Market, Mini Big C and Pure by Big C, which is a drugstore chain.

Big C Supercenter Bangkok (Rachadamri)

Big C Supercenter is Rachadamri, opposite Central World, deserve a special mention, as it’s the most popular Big C store in Bangkok. According to a recent article in the Bangkok Post, it gets 60 buses of Chinese tourists visiting the store every day. Foreign, mostly Asian, tourists account for around 65% of sales.

Opening Hours: Sun-Sat 09:00-02:00

Address:97/11 Ratchadamri Road (opposite Central World)



Makro is an international brand of warehouse clubs, with Thailand having 77 branches by the end of 2017.



MaxValu is a Japanese supermarket chain, with around 70 branches in Thailand, mainly in Bangkok.



7-Eleven doesn’t need much introduction, as you will surely have seen them all over Bangkok. Seven, as Thais call it, is an American-Japanese convenience store chain, and is incredibly popular in Thailand. Thailand has the second largest number of 7-Eleven stores, after Japan. It currently has around 10,000 stores, with around half of those being in Bangkok.


Family Mart

Family Mart is a chain of 24/7 convenience stores similar to 7-Eleven. I’ve spotted a few that have had complete makeovers and that now included decent cafes. The store above is located on the ground floor below Holiday Inn Silom. Just like 7-Eleven, you can also pay your household bills here and top up your phone.

There are over 1,000 Family Mart stores in Thailand, mainly in Bangkok. You will see them all over the city.


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